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WASHINGTON (AFP) – Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook, expects new rules of technology and social networking companies to protect "unavoidable" personal information.

In an interview with the Axios news website broadcast on Sunday (November 18) on HBO television, Mr Cook said he was hoping that the United States Congress would take over.

"As a rule, I do not really support the management," said Mr Cook in a section published by Axios.

"I really believe in the free market. But we must admit when the free market is not working. And he did not work here. Thinking it is inevitable that there is a level of regulation.

"I think the Transportation and administration at a particular time will go something."

Mr Cook had been praying previous devolution, especially where consumer data protection is dependent.

But continuing on the screen that Cambridge Analytica data consultation saw a & # 39; obtaining data from millions of Facebook users, Mr Cook said the business was now "further afield" of the devolution.

Facebook has been trying to worry concerns about how good it is. It protects user data and its & # 39; Protect against the use of the site to distribute uncertain information aimed at moving elections.

Discussions affecting Facebook from a 2016 Presidential election in the United States have raised questions on whether Mark Zuckerberg's co-founder should take up his position as headteacher.

Turning to gender inequality in the workplace, Mr Cook said that the technology industry has been strong in general diversity, although a dominant male culture is involved.

"I accept 100 percent from a gender view that a" Silicon "is lost, and technology in general is lost," he said.

However, Mr Cook said, "I'm very encouraged at this time that there will be more marked development over time."

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