New appearance of the Saudi artist after death news (Video)


The audience of Saudi artists had expressed the news that had spread over the past few days about his death.

Singer Saudi, Khaled Abdul Rahman, was released in a video on Friday and confirmed that he was right and in good health.

Abdul Rahman won a video on Twitter that ensures that his / her audience is gives a story after his death.

"I'm really good and the news comes from a person who is unhappy and there is a fault," he said. "I'm right, and the best thing."

Khalid Abdul Rahman was born in Riyadh in 1965. He began his artistic career by writing poetry only to " think of singing. He gave it to new artists, but they refused it because he was not known at the time, so he decided to sing himself.

Khalid Abdul Rahman has many titles, including "King of Art" and "Voice of Najd" and the surname Prince Khalid bin Saud Al-Kabir as "Artist of the Arabs", also on which is "King of Sensation" and is named as an artist of Saudi, Mohammed Abdo as "Amir nan singers".

During his career, Khalid Abdul Rahman worked with many Bays of Camas, in particular Gaywad, Shema, Al-Shams Al-Shams and Ghayyib. He refuses to sing "duets" with the singers, and he is always a & n; refusing to design his songs on video clips. Attention to the song.

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