New blow to China in the discovery of African swine fever in a wild boar


China's efforts to prevent the spread of African swine fever were put on a new beat on Friday when the agricultural ministry declared that it found its first case in a wild boar, three-month emergency confirmation for the top wave producer.

The country also declared its first bankruptcy in the south-west section of Sichuan, the leading national swine herding organization, Pig supplies are likely to have a significant impact over the coming months.

The disease was found in a dead wild boar in the Bastian city, Jilting province, in the north east of China, said agriculture and Rural Affairs.

"The new case means it's even harder to control African pig fever. How do you control a wild boar?" Said Yah Guiding, an analyst with a co- Analytics Data Commodity China-America consultation.

China has prevented the presence of whales and live products from regions affected by African swine fever and neighboring areas to control the spread of highly vibrant disease, as well as being to bannen kitchen waste to hogs.

But the virus has been spreading despite government efforts, with more than 60 a & 39; featured in 18 areas throughout the country since early August.

It is estimated that a large number of Chinese wildcats, capable of carrying the disease without signs, are totally about 33.5 million, according to Reuters calculations based on the Food and Agriculture Agency's data of Europe.

Local authorities in Jilting have investigated neighboring areas served by wildcats and producing a total sterile of whole-scale pig farms in the area, said the agricultural ministry said in its statement.

Researchers said the wild boar was found that the animals that came from other countries could bring the virus into China.

China is in a hurry to have a & # 39; Feeding kitchen rubbish to pigs for spreading disease.

The incredible disease was also found on a 40 pig farm in the Yibin town, in southern Sichuan.

"With its new case in Sichuan, all major pig production areas have now fallen. The situation is very bad," he said.

China kills around 700 million pigs a year. Sichuan made almost 66 million in 2017, according to official data, more than any other category.

Sichuan is also the largest region with the largest consumption of whales in China at 36kg, according to data from the National Statistical Bank.

Divisional authorities in Sichuan gave a week's casualties to include brushes and live spirits from other parts of the country. trying to keep the disease out.

But Yibin is close to the Sichuan boundaries of the Chongqing city and Guizhou continent, and both of them have already been reported.

Swine prices in Cheng, the main city of Sichuan, are the highest in the country at present, with a strong local demand and a barrier after their illnesses in urban villages near hand.

Fees 0.2 per cent daily prices fell to 17.7 yuan ($ 2.55) per kilogram, according to the data collected by China-American Commodity Analytics.

Afghanistan pig disease in Sichuan has been diagnosed with less than three months ahead of the celebration of the Year & Lunar New Year in February which highlights China's high demand demand for China.

There is no cure and there is no vaccine for the disease, and the virus can last for weeks in pig and animal feed.


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