New challenge in the Hawaiian monk seals at risk: they had eels keeping their nails US News


Hawaiian monks seal has been at risk due to a range of risks, including fishing networks to disease. Now, the species that faces its & # 39; oppose a new unexpected challenge – eels get their nets away.

A photo of a monk seal with a eel up the nose was divided this week with a section based in Hawaiian of the National Ocean and Athaliary Administration (Noaa). The program is just the most recent eelgirl event in the two years; disappeared, researchers hit.

"We have been looking closely at monastic seals for four decades and at all times there was nothing like this," said Charles Littnan, the largest scientist at a seal research program Hawaiian monks. "Now it's been three or four times and we do not know why."

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Seal researchers appeared with an eel nasal machine in the summer of 2016, and emails first-hand colleagues; think it was a joke. It has been enough enough for the monks' seal program to guide how to ease the eels.

"They're getting there very snug, so you have to keep the seal and take the eel out firmly to bring it out," said Littnan. "One of them was very long inside and so it was like a magical handicap, we wanted to drag and drag".

The philosophy can cause problems that may be for the seals in relation to diseases or even to influence the ability to dance and feed on marine creatures. Seals usually hunt their cannons when they go; dive into the water, a process restricted by eel flat nose. "By putting bare fish inside your nose, it will cause problems," said Littnan.

Researchers have been successful in removing all eels that are infected with the ease. increasingly from youth seals, but they still try to find out why this is a? happening.

One theory is that seals, which often eaten the food, are just a & # 39; throw eels through their nails. Another one means that busy eels are tied up there long & How do they try to escape the seals when the predators provision for food under rock. In a couple of ways, scientists are not sure why people today see people who are in a position; attacking this stream.

"Because I had to be able to measure, I said that that is one of those strange legends," said Littnan. "If you look at a long enough nature, you can see strange things."

Peat seals are identical to Hawaii and are listed in the USA as a threatened species, with around 1,400 people left. Amongst the risks that include fishing and disease, with climate change is another challenge.

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