New changes to law on mineral wealth to attract foreign investment


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New changes to mineral wealth law to withdraw foreign investments from the Schoolmaster site, Monday, November 19, 2018.

New changes to law on mineral wealth to attract foreign investment

Samar Al Arabi Published in Rosalieosp on 19 – 11 – 2018

The Minister of the Petroleum and Mineral Universities, Tariq Al-Mulla, announced the launch of the 15th International Arab Mineral Resources Conference and the exhibition that is going on with it. President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, which will take place in Cairo from 26-28 November with the participation of Petrol and Mining Resources in Arab countries under the "Investment Mining and Development Economic" In the Arab world. "
The minister said that his / her conference according to the efforts of Egypt in developing the mineral division and its; Setting up a roadmap, which is governed by the general interest of the state, which includes the balance between the economic consequences of the country from its mineral resources and opening more scenes to To attract new investments and to encourage investors in this important sector, One of the most important sources of national income and public revenue.
The minister said that a conference, which is held periodically every two years since its launch in 1972, a Arab and international lighthouse for his & her; mining industry. It shows that ministers and parties are involved in the mining industry internationally and internationally. It's a & n; contribute to the development of Arab Arab investment, promoting investment opportunities and sustainable development. A technical exhibition to provide the latest scientific, practical and technological developments in a range of mineral richness and represent the opportunity for direct dialogue between investors, specialists and experts working in this area.
In the news conference that was held at this time, the minister put pressure on his / her. The mining department continues to promote the strong interest, strong support and collaborative efforts of the departments that are experiencing. relate to the development of this department to reach the future objectives,
He said that the changes that are currently doing a wealth law that were brought out in 2014 to & # 39; see a strong community partnership of experts, experts, investors and worrying authorities in the country with the aim of promoting investment and investment; create the climate in the mining department to throw new investments in the form of the international models and the aims of the state of Egypt to achieve sustainable development In the establishment of economic projects to achieve an added value of mineral wealth.
Al Mulla referred to Minister's guidance for the data and map; and to deposit the geological record of mineral resources and convert it into a map of electronic repositories, telling the preparation of the development reviews that they agree with a specialist international trade union. And we are working to use them in line with Egyptian knowledge in this area. He said that the changes to the law, which currently take statutory action and his / her. expected to be discussed at the House of Representatives The Government sets out the rules on the law within 6 months of issuance in coordination with many stakeholders in this ministry and business organizations and rooms to work in excavation activities.
Behind the news conference, the Minister of Petroleum and Mining Tariq Al-Mulla published the name of the petrol stations at the Petroleum Cooperation Company and the Egyptian Cooperation at the beginning of the next month, saying that every company's brand gasoline is part of the petroleum department's strategy to Quality of citizens and maintenance of recent improvements in the oil industry where the product works to improve the performance and maintenance of the engines and to improve the efficiency and use of fuel built, which provides consumer savings and meets the needs of a large part of users, Z to launch the name «Egypt Extra 95» on Gasoline to Egypt Petroleum Company and «& # 39; Premium 95 »Gasoline co-operation with a company co-operation and over 90% of petrol fuel with 95 stations.

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