New coach, old story: Olimpija still has the same benefit in the European League


Petrol Olimpija football footballers are also led by a new coach – Zoran Martićit replaced Aleksandar Nikitović– They live with one advantage in seven events in the European League. After their first part of this European competition, the people of Ljubljana have a " stay in the last place in group D, but they are behind the second place, which continues to the next competition or the eighth final. At the end of the start, that is, to the beginning of February, there are seven matches left.

For Petrol Olimpija, this is the second twenty-second game in the new season, or from September 24th, when it was the last season. The first test in Superpoal Slovenia is on the list. The balance is not good only in & # 39; National Concert (4-2), but in international venues it has only recorded three benefits in twelve. Caffeine failure failed by coach change. Olimpija showed her first sadness, where she put twenty points behind (55:35), Despite that, despite doing a bit better, he did not get up for the next step.

As the guests who did not win the game in the Welsh League in 13 minutes already managed threeteen points (38:25), and after fifteen and fifteen minutes, 52 points already (52:33), an amazing story about the quality of Ljubljana protection. This was a little better in the second half, so the dragons arrived at 64:58 (26 minutes), 71:66 (29) and 77:72 at the beginning of the last quarter, but they did not as well as returning from Turkey with two points or hers; Confirmation of loyalists as a new wind fell in Stožice.

7th round results of the European League:

– Group D:
Besiktas Sompo Japan – Petroleum Olympia 94:84 (27:24, 30:15, 18:29, 19:16)
Geyik 18 points, Benzing 17, Buva 14 and 5 believe; Span 18 and 6 podoga, Begić and Lapornik 14

Prometheus – Virtus Segafredo 85:95
medi Bayreuth
– Neptunas 102: 78
(Gregor Hrovat is 11 points, 2 recipes and 4 runs at 2:02 pm for Bayreuth.)

SIG Strasbourg – Filou Oostende 61:64

Scale: 1. Virtus 14 points, 2. Prometheus 12, 3. Strasbourg 11, 4. Bayreuth 10, 5. Neptunas 10, 6. Besiktas 10, 7. Oostende 9, 8. Olimpija 8South Westerly

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