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– It's really really cool. Think of everything that could go wrong, "said Ella Carlsson Sjöberg, head of commander and deputy director of Spàs Spàs Institute in Kiruna.

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Just under 21 hours Solar Swedish Insight dropped down on the red rocky surface. Nasarge's cost was removed from California in May and has traveled to 548 million kilometers.

When reinstated land was reinforced, the game was completed and he welcomed staff in the control room in Los Angeles. Many were mocking each other.

Then, he put her first image from the red planet to the soil. The image showed a large amount of dust on the lens, but also in the horizon and some stones could be hugged on the ground.

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It's really interesting

Andreas Johnsson at the Department of Experiences at the University of Gothenburg, who has investigated Mars's landscape and continued ashore through the NASA broadcast.

"I'll let down the sound here a bit like that now … my son was here at the knee of their course, they wanted to see the laird," he said.

Unfortunately, the sons were disappointed, but the journey was very impressive.

"It was very interesting. It's not something that's going to do something that's going to land on Mars.

Mars was understood at a speed of 19 310km per hour. The rush down ground trip was blocked by air pollution, large parasitic and bracket rockets. The heat pack recovered the maximum temperature test of 1 600 degrees.

When it landed six or a half minutes later, the speed dropped to 8km per hour.

"This is a receipt we got a bit on the road. We're beginning to do this. But there is still a long way to put people there, saying Ella Carlsson Sjöberg.

Continue in real time

Workers in the NASA Laboratory Jet Propulsion (JPL) control team in Los Angeles continued their presence with a few small satellites. They were set up at the same time as Insight and fly with Mars.

A landing site is on the top Elysium Planitia near Mars Equator about 600 kilometers away from the land where the landowner attacked the land in 2012. B & It was a ship that successfully landed on the red planet.

A very interesting and interesting mission is. For 24 months, by March, it uses a crazy and drilled device to inspect inside its planet. In the long term, scientists can understand how to create and develop Sun, Tellus and other rocky planets inside the solar system. Why, for example, did Earthquake Land get Earth and why Mars left large areas?

"When we arrived at a new new and new appliance with items that we did not look before, it opens a new chapter. It will open a new search area and another puzzle in Mars's understanding, saying Andreas Johnsson.

The drill made in Germany can put five meters into the ground and then measure the temperature. In addition, there is an instrument to collect data about the Mars move to try to estimate the size of a major planet; planet and if it is dry.

"Insight is the first inspiration that looks at Mars inside. It's a constant idea to date here and we just just screw the surface, "said Johnsson.

Amount of hydrogen

Perhaps five meters are pronounced slightly to judge how a plant with half the earth is collected. But the tools are frightening. But it's too early to judge if all the instruments are misleading.

It is a seismometer in which; The main instrument is to measure the measuring measure of Marsa and meteorite. The researchers expect between a dozen and 100 movements during the period.

"Level elevations can record less than one hydrogen atom," said Andreas Johnsson.

Number understanding

548 million kilometers, the study has traveled from Earth to Mars.

After 19 310 kilometer, he left the craft when he went to the atmosphere.

1,600 heat shield degrees reached as defensive instruments and Insight panels as it went to the atmosphere.

There is a 360 kilograms worth a spacecraft.

6.5 minutes took the route.

Well: Nasa, Reuters

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