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Many of them think of Aspirin for many years as a wonderful cure; They learn from cardiovascular diseases, even from some of their cancer. That's why millions of people in the world, led by this pollutants, take the drug every day. There are more and more medical studies, surveys and surveys, however, showing that it is not a wonderful medicine; in aspirin, and as any other medicine, it can be a health hazard, especially if it comes to a healthy healthy patient.

This confirms a new meta-analysis in which a team of British scientists has gathered and analyzed the results and data from many previous studies. In their conclusions, scientists from King London London London clarify whether daily use of small amounts of aspirin is useful for health or may be dangerous.

Millions of people worldwide take aspirin "privately", and they will be sure they will be able to " reduce the risk of microbial bone or stroke. Many of the studies carried out so far show that there are different benefits and disadvantages for healthy people.

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Experts now advocate that healthy people are in a position; Benefits of aspirin to the cardiovascular system, usually suited to its risk to & # 39; grind largely in the brain and the disease.

"There is no reason for healthy people to take aspirin professionally," is the Old Scientist of Old Chien at Kings College of London, run the survey.

"The results show that there is a real risk to health. People should not assume aspirin with their belief that this medicine is completely insecure," he says.

"One cardiovascular problem will be avoided among 265 people who give 5 year aspirin, but one in 210 patients have a strong disease of aspirin patients," said the author This study, published in the Journal of American Medical Association.

And although the expert charter agrees that this data is very small, they are viewed globally and watch nationally, get very different values ​​that make them very important.

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