New, controversial rules for nominated assault colleges


The Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, moves to change the rules on sexual assault on colleges and university settings.

At the University of Washington, students may have a greater awareness of her & However, they know that it is still difficult to mention many attacks or harassment.

"I know people who have been attacked in the past and their voices are not heard, and it's a real problem," said Cameron Zinke in a short interview.

"I think it's the person's responsibility for a long time. I hope they would tell it because something is really tough," said Matthew Cinnamon.


The new rules DeVos are proposing to & # 39; evaluate its definition of generic harassment and its & # 39; allows schools to offer situations such as unannounced orders instead to investigate the event.

The ancient interpretation was widely described as informal sexual behaviors. The new rule is restricted to be so hard and advanced that it asks someone to access the school's education program.

"We are totally fair. We believe in clear and clear processes, and we want the truth to come out," said Mary Ellen Stone, Director of Facilities Center King's Sex Invasion.

She believes that the new proposal will hinder victims.

"It seems that they are going to restore some of our particular progress, (rules of encouragement) that perpetuates genetic assault."

Stone believes that the changes could be in a position; Make campuses more dangerous for victims and others.

"It does not provide responsible protection for the victim. It also aims at other students to be at risk."

There is a 60-day idea idea now before the new regulations come true.

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