New corridor in the legacy of Johnny Hallyday legacy



The American Bank has been managing the land Johnny Hallyday in California, in the middle of a dispute between the singer's widow and his eldest two, said a new Tuesday hearing. this battle of procedure.

"The American Bank resigned as a trustee (trust manager, on November 21, 2018," said the lawyer in the US bank at the interim opening of Paris hearing The application was responsible for David Hallyday and Laura Smet who re-afflict royalties that sell their father's records.

No official purpose has been put forward, but lawyers on both sides have explained the export of the American Bank's exporter with a legal battle in France including this trust called JPS (for Jean-Philippe Smet).

For several months, Laura and David have strive for the succession of their father, who died in December 2017, leaving everything to his last wife Laeticia and the two daughters of Jade and Joy. In April, they found a freezing frost on the French features of the singer and his copyright.

Tuesday in Paris, they demanded a reluctant emergency of 75% of sales from the sale of charts, the last ones released, "My country is love", spent more One million copies in several weeks and walked the best of a record in France.

Laeticia lawyer, Ardavan Amir-Aslani, warned he would "take months" to find a new trustee.

The JPS Relief, which was set up in California for its benefit, belongs to Laeticia Hallyday, at the heart of concerns that Laura Smet and David Hallyday lawyer hate. appearing, who fears that this legal structure is "safe" that no reserves ever can be removed.

It now includes a part of the singer's heritage. But Bank of America, as a trustee, made a request in July to move another property: Harley Davidson, luxury cars, but also the remainder of the remainder on the sale of charts by the houses Warner, Universal and Sony.

A hearing will be held in California on January 22 to decide whether these resources should be relocated to the trust, which is why Elders Dayyday made this request for royalty.

The decision was conserved on December 18.

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