New date for hitting the "Day of the resurrection"!


New date for prevention


New date for hitting the "Day of the resurrection"!

Expert singers have set up a new date for the Doomsday fight between the Salt Path and another galaxy nearby.

Scientists now believe that our galaxy is a hitting Andromeda in 4.5 billion years, about 600 million years earlier than expected.

In the sun system, it is likely that a fault will be pulled into the new sun, dragging the ground and other planets.


The researchers watched the roles of the stars in nearby galaxies to date; Andromeda warfare was evaluated by the Milky Way galaxy. They used data from the satellite of Gaya, a European Spanish Organization, which plans billions of starrails to measure their position and distance.

There are stellar movements in Galaxy, Andromeda, and other galaxy called Triangulum which shows that there is a disturbance longer than expected.


The two galaxies are expected to be heard within 4.5 billion years, more than the 3.9 billion year estimate, which was estimated in previous surveys. Much of the disaster can be done within the two diseases, which may indicate the position of millions of stars and plans.

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Hubble Telescope

"The product is essential for our understanding of how galaxies are improving and interacting together," said Timo Prosti, a researcher at Gaia Project.

It's an island of one trillill sun in Andromeda, and it's giving more than 2.5 million years to reach our galaxy.

At this time, the galaxy goes to the Bolaway Way at 250,000 pounds per hour, enough to spread around the world in just 6 minutes.

The results were published in the Journal of Astrophysics.

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