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A new wave has recently been launched which aims to carry Microsoft's email accounts or accounts related to the transportation of Apple, through a new and missing missile.

The steps to get to & # 39; mail to start with & # 39; get a huge message you're thinking from Microsoft, asking you to change the secret count numbers, or warn you that your email will be suspended unless you update it by a & # 39; enter and confirm your password.

Once these steps are taken, people who are aiming to get your email can be accessed and used without having to do so; feeling.

To avoid this trick, according to experts, all e-mail users must investigate the passive message source with the Microsoft logo by clicking on the name of the distribution, which first appears as Microsoft not Apple.

When you turn on the name, you will see the name of the registrar really, to find out that just someone who is trying to steal your job, is there; company is true to show you your clear address, and then stop the number, or just your account and take the usual safe steps To check your phone number or postal account -d another.

Many have been involved in stealing e-mail accounts, social media accounts through this problem, or, connecting fake.

It is always advisable for experts to investigate any link before they open, and try to find out the address of the invitation, notably the media links such as Twitter and Facebook.

To try to avoid falling into the pirate warrior, you must use a password that is more than 8 characters and there are specific characters such as% &, it's difficult to break, but you need to It should be changed regularly and carefully with strangers and friends messages.

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