New developments in the case of Morocco, who killed his lover and his pieces in the UAE


New developments in the case of Morocco, who killed his lover and his pieces in the UAE
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Source: Wadad Al-Ranami – News Erm

The lawyer from Moroccan complained that he killed and died. The cuts of her lover in the UAE has revealed new information about the case, saying that some of the information currently released is wrong, in particular to victimize the victim's body in wedding dancers for Pakistani workers.

The 37-year-old defender was in contact with the victim. The 29-year-old victim worked as a tailor in a clothing shop and both were living in the Oud al-Tawba area of ​​Al Ain's UAE, they first met 7 years ago.

According to the same store, afternoon parties left the house together with a group of friends on the night of November 3 and returned from the third morning, and the next day the two brothers ate a meal together, and started They expressed the accused because she was ready to move to a new place, He asked her to help her facilities, But he refused and asked her to go to Jabal Hafeet near the town.

The conversation grew between them and she put her away in the dark and she removed her hair on the ground side. At that time I noticed a knife on her; board that she quickly raised and fell into a coffin.

According to the lawyer at all times, she was not after seeing the blood and to ensure that the person died, so tried to hide her crime and cut three pieces to cook it and not smell and smell smell, and the lawyer refused to give her some food to some staff.

He also refused to accept the jealousy as a cause for their crime, because the accused person is married and her children are pregnant. living with his father in Morocco, and has been living in the UAE for 10 years.

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