New developments in the Saad case are expected for this from the judges


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New developments in the Saad case are just waiting for a & # 39; This issue from the magazine's website review, Sunday, November 18 2018.

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After almost two months and a half of the Saad population in the French prisons for the second time due to a new emergency case, he returned to the court of justice after the solicitor had released his solicitor for the second time.

Saad just waiting to give up for the second time

The sources said that Saad had just been under a trial and a new examination before the French review, when his solicitor asked for his release as a result of a number of complaints that had not been to be determined by a & # 39; court and decided to return the decision to a session on November 22, and Saad hopes that he and his lawyer will make a Disclosure decision as the first case.

"Unfortunately, the interview again rescued between the girl and Saad and the judge investigated with Saad," said one of the friends of Said, who explained why the co- cancel off cancellation due to request to & # 39; court against Saad. "He said.

"But the lawyer will give more warranties next week to allow Saad and Anshalah to be released and the lawyer is upset," said the friend Saad to the audience. "Saad's listeners are waiting for the success of the case after he has been challenged for the second time in August after his first A to the end of 2016.


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