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Yesterday, the Shanghai Stock Exchange was reunited with the sponsorship center to consider the establishment of a science and technology board and the pilot recording system and supporting business rules for ideas. It is recognized that 33 total sponsors in Shanghai are responsible for business activists; banking bank and responsible persons.

The Chinese reporter pointed out of his / her only communications that exchange affairs including scheduled review rules, subordinate rules and delivery, stock list rules and special trade rules.

According to the investment banks present at the conference, Exchange Stock Shanghai has begun to & # 39; create appropriate support regulations. The topics discussed yesterday focus on a number of points:

Initially, regarding the responsibilities of the recording committee, the inspection report will be sent to; review group review exchange exchange with Registration Committee. The investment bank suggested that the exchange and CSRC are responsible for the robust review? It is hoped that there will be more separation of work criteria and specific survey criteria.

Secondly, in terms of research and publication, seven types of professional professional investors took part in the research, and at least the proportion of online donations transferred to institutional investors. It is difficult to carry out the risk of the probation and investment projects, and its suggestion that it is possible to reduce the flexibility of its & share or sponsorship + just release.

Third, is the threshold of 500,000 investors too high? Some people think it may have a special impact on the clarity of its & market. It is recommended that asset requirements be reduced. But some of the investment banks Believing that there is a risk in science and technology too large, and that the suitability of the investors is matched.

According to informed resources, this host of forums covering over 100 breaches throughout the country, 33 of which were in Shanghai. They also held discussions in Beijing and Shenzhen.

List review: responsibilities and inspection levels of the registration committee

Yesterday, Shanghai Stock Exchange held the bank of investment to establish a scientific board and the registration system that supports business regulations for ideas. The exchange issues are; including scheduled review rules, subscription rules, case list rules and special trading rules.

Among them, in terms of review regulations and review lists, the sponsored sponsor, list of registered committee, and the situation of the worst registered conditions are concerned.

The Shanghai Exchange Exchange Board Stock Board Review (Draft for Opinions) Regulations "(which describes draft scheduled review regulations) states that the trustee should submit the sponsorship paper, at the same time as the application for a registered application. Most of the sponsors of participating organizations should not submit all the actions. A & # 39; recommend the special guidance list to continue and allow a time allocation.

It is worth noting that the scheduled review focuses on the debate, and includes the responsibilities and scrutiny stages of the Registration Committee.

According to current draft comments, the main responsibilities of the Registration Committee are to review the inspection report issued by the Commission; a scheduled review agency issued by Shanghai Stock Exchange. That is said, after its review and scheduled body that was issued by the Shanghai Stock Exchange; Report, will be reviewed by the Registration Committee.

The partner-owned banking said they hope the authority and the levels for a substantive review must be very specific, and determine who will be reviewing it. The exchange department and the CSRC have a clear division of works instead of double review.

In addition, in relation to his / her principal principle; Currently, the "new trio-sex" of information information, the study will be done from a sufficient, consistent, and understandable perspective (known as "three new"). Disclosure and language information is easy to understand easy to understand investors.

Disclosure subscription: Is the institution sponsored and able to invest?

It's a huge challenge to get a & # 39; subscribe and subscribe board science and technology initiatives. The first is a & # 39; price, and then with investment.

Yesterday, Shanghai Stock Exchange identified that the seven types of professional investment organizations that are currently participating in the research, which lead to the failure of prices? Is it effective to reduce the threshold for the introduction of war voting and the implementation of overdraft rights, pneumatic supporters and investment, etc., which sustains stock price sustainability?

Some of the partner investment banks said that the level of pension repository provision is relatively high, and the value and prices of losing ventures are still harder. Here is the real certainty of investment bank valuation capacity.

But what worries you are worried about is that the board of science and technology boards are voted by the trustees. If investment is essential in each project, and the ratio is too high, the sponsor can not be at risk, hopefully reducing the proportion flexibly. Sponsorship + direct investment.

In addition, the management level has set up a device for new stock subscription commissions, which are intended to effectively promote ethical expressions and, Encourage directors' directors to train long-term customers, but sponsors have difficulties in real jobs.

Stock list: proposals for reducing tenancies and handling systems

The current ideas currently indicate that a non-public transit method is to reduce the division through questioning and the private situation of the pre-trial sections and the non-public transfection of the sections before the sponsor institution starts, then the price, format and transitions of the survey. Certificates and other aspects must be the additional clarification, but in this regard, the museum's bankruptcy shows some of the markets that the decrease has tighter rules.

Directly affecting its & # 39; Banking Bank is still going to monitor ongoing responsibilities, Most sponsors have expressed a great deal. But the most difficult thing is to establish the appraisal system. With the confirmation to its registration process, the value of its & # 39; company is changing greatly. It is anticipated that market value will be determined, in particular the value of the initiatives that are in place; make a loss. In addition, the reservoir recommended that he hopes to continue the special plan for the spin-off.

In addition, the forum will also be mentioned in the debate about differences, voting rights differences, equality incentives and the dissemination of ongoing information.

Special business rules: Is the pre-level 500,000 too high?

At this time, the specific rules for the Board of Science and Technology (opinion formats) are set. It is an adequate resource for the investor of not less than 500,000 and investment investment experience from 2 years of age.

This is still causing a big disturbance and a debate in the market.

In this regard, many institutions believe that the property requirements of 500,000 are too high, which may have a special impact on their vulnerability; market. It is suggested that 300,000 or even 100,000 are needed. As China's colonization data shows investments with more than 500,000 stock account providers; reporting to a small proportion, this threshold is equivalent to more than 90% of investors being blocked.

However, some of the institutions believe that the suitability of investors is in place; Responding to the big threat to a board; company. Although the store's reservoirs can not sell directly, they can still participate through public funds, and also help change the structure of investors in the regions of China.

For the first five days of trading after a list of science and technology sources, there is no restriction on price increases and T + 1 trading machinery. At the same time, partners still had a & # 39; Explain that they were able to consider T + 0 and allow them to rise and fall. Limitation.

In addition, Shanghai Stock Exchange announced the notification from the perspective of overseas usage, trade arrangements have been devolved in overseas markets. At the continuing level of advocacy, the company expects to control the highest level of the single stock that is in place; Continue to unit unit (as 1 minute). What technique is this technique possible and does not need to be evaluated?

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