New England is struggling for a winter storm


Over 1,600 aircraft, inside or out of the SA were forgotten on Monday, according to Chicago's Hare Chicago International Airport was particularly crucial, with more than 1,300 of its clients; away from airplane and delay committed more than 40 minutes due to heavy snow.

The storm gave heavy snow from Colorado and Wyoming, where it fell to 60 inches of snow, through the Midwest, and including Iowa, which was up to 17 inches. The harsh storm hit the Chicago area, with over 7 inches of snow, made it as the strongest storm of 1975 and the fifth largest recorded for the month.

At the top of the storm, over 220,000 users had power in the northwest, especially in the Chicago area. Early Tuesday the rest of 67,000 Illinois customers still had no power.

Warning and winter weather watches have moved to New England where heavy snow goes to Tuesday.

Heavy snow in Nova Scotia

There were temperatures in the main North East metro areas and Monday lunar, so the cities got water and wind.

A 40-mile wind stream was awarded for the metropolitan area of ​​York City, Boston and Philadelphia. The water will go throughnight until Tuesday but it will be cold and cold through the middle of the week.

When the storm moves to the North East, a lower low pressure system will have a & # 39; Growing across the coast and heavy snowfall has fallen on the north of England, with more than a foot in some areas.

Cold air moves behind the storm; Bad snow on a lake, with a maximum of 20 inches just south of Buffalo, New York, on Tuesdays to Wednesday.

Kansas named emergency situation

The storm introduced travel for much on the last day of the holiday week.

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer told a state of emergency confirmation for the state on Sunday and officials said the roads were on the road "guilty" in some areas.

Over 1,700 US tourism was suspended on Sundays, with a delay to 5,091 aircraft, according to FlightAware. Most of the Kansas City International Airport and O & Hare International and Midway airports in Chicago.
Many roads were also closed due to white floods, according to the KanDrive website.

Snow reports were as high as 16 inches in parts of Iowa, with other areas reporting 3 inches to 10 inches. Baileyville, Kansas, fell a 10 inches measure and 7 inches in Salina, Kansas.

CNN's Eric Levenson and Dave Hennen added this report.

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