New Final Fantasy XIV Distribution of Challenges to launch the Summer of 2019


Final Fantasy XIV: Challenges, the third extension to the Square Enix MMORPG, which will be launched in the summer of 2019 with the new content of stories, guerrilla and attack, as well as guns and the Viera.

Collectors, which will continue in 2015 Heaven by side and 2017 Light Cloud, an incredible step with Square Enix at the Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest, which takes place over the weekend in Las Vegas. The leader and producer of a game, Naoki Yoshida, set up the platform to publish information about the new expansion.

Collectors Continuing Final Fantasy XIV story, with players who include the fight against Garlean's bad job. The contents of the story include dungeons and new assaults, as expected from a new extension. Players will also see the degree level rise from 70 to 80 once Collectors to launch.

Yoshida did not give specific information about the new posts that will be released Collectors, but said one of them would be seen in the teaser garden. Characterize a gun gundede, similar to what Squall was doing; used Final Fantasy VIII, can be seen in the signature, and the class may be anonymous name that will; using part-gun, part-blade weapon in the forthcoming expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV fans have really believed to be in a position; adding to the Viera, the race of rabbit people that first appeared Dean Final Fixed Exhibitions and is represented by Fran there Final Fantasy XIISouth West Yoshida said Collectors he will add a new race to the MMORPG, and even if he did not name the Viera, he had a Bugs Bunny shirt that gives him a good understanding.

Collectors It will also add a new game + feature Final Fantasy XIV, which allows game players to bring the game to date and use their current characters. A new Trust system similar to it Final Fantasy XI which allows them to play a non-player character with players in brochs, who finish a story mode Collectors as an uncomfortable player.

Final Fantasy XIV It will be updated to 5.0 for Collectors, but before that, the game will be updated to 4.5. Four Enix Square, Yosuke Matsuda, with a blue chapel and staffing, came out on a stage near the end of the show to tell the MMORPG the Blue Mage class parking. As with the previous bids, the Blue Mage is developing skills from monsters that are happening in the field.

More information on it Collectors and 4.5 will be updated on the weekend at Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest.

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