New flowers on Tutor Day price 20/11 Vietnam


Identified at a & # 39; Specializing in new flowers such as Dam Sen (Area 11) market, major market Thu Thu (Thu district farm), Ho Thi Ky (district 10) flower market … new flowers are very high. Therefore, the price of new flowers increased from 2-3 times, even the type of increase four times compared to the previous day.

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Students are buying flowers on 19/11.

Ms. Le Thu Giang, a new flower shop owner at Ho Thi Ky's flower market: the rise of new flowers three days ago and today (November 19) has been the highest rise. The most beautiful rose flowers, salem, sunflower, glass … So the Commission cost from 100,000 to 220,000 VND / 50 cotton (previously just about 50,000 – 120,000 VND / 50 cotton), floral prices From VND50 , 000-70,000 / meur (25,000 VND / meur), costing sun belts VND25,000 – 35,000 / cotton (formerly VND10,000 – 15,000 / cotton), salmon flowers VND40,000 – VND50,000 / bunch – VND 25,000 / group ) …

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New flowers shops in the Ho Thi Ky flowers competition are always full.

"Although prices are rising, power has not dropped. Many types of Hanoi roses, Da Lat roses to the 19th of November are now available for sale. The flowers are sold as a salem, a white ball, a ball Japan … also scarce products, "said Giang.

In addition to the flowers, the essential products of the gifts as gifts also have enough choice of parents to take teachers on 20 November. So, all kinds of shirt, ties, leather belts, bags, long dresses and scarves … with amazing colors, handsome designs have also increased the power of buying by 30-40% compared to weekdays.

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A commission was pulled in 19/11.

According to Nguyen Thi Trang, who lived in the Women's area Thu, one year for teachers teachers were grateful to teach and so she chose two trout of roses and 2 gift boxes tomorrow Boys a & # 39; a & # 39; class for the teacher.

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New flowers 2-3 times are higher than normal days.

In addition to these types of materials, beauty products, healthcare products also fall down dramatically, up to 50% at supermarkets and supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City. So, the prices of souvenir, cosmetic gift boxes from 100,000 to 350,000 VND / boxes have also been chosen by many parents.

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