New forgotten at Quilpué hospital: a child is still bad after sending a serum place lidocaine | National


Boy just two years old was bad, after me lidocaine instead of serum, in a manner in which; Quilpué Hospital, just Sunday Sunday.

According to parental complaint, collected by La Estrella de Valparaíso, the victim came – identified by the first M.Z.V letters – she reached her mother at 11:30 am to cure stomach disease.

The simple procedure was: the doctor prescribed was ordered to have been given to him, and at his / her; nurse who was present but follow the doctor's order. Everything was wrong.

Instead of vocabulary, "lidocaine (strong anesthetic) just to the meat"the father, Gustavo Zamudio, told a local morning newspaper.

Those who have said, according to the complainant's report, "show that the little man He started his revenge, stopped, waiting to look, his eyes were white in seconds and disappeared. "

Regarding what happened, the complainant said: "We have all common responsibilities where each person speaks something different from the same, the officer introduced the injection to look after her daughter cutting at the same time and my son could lose his life. "

"The paralysis of the rubbish proved and realized that they had two ribbons, the seam that put it in and the lidocaine. Then realized they realized that the crime and the child stopped lasting about a minute," he said .

At this time the little one is indoors in the Creative Patient Unit of Clinical Dentist Ciudad del Mar.

Although the parents ensure that the child is good, this one is he can not walk.

"We need to continue to analyze to see if there is any impact here in the future because there was a strike, oxygen was lost in the brain and we do not know what the effects are; maybe, "he said.

Quilpué Hospital | Archive | UNO Group
Quilpué Hospital | Archive | UNO Group


From the questioning hospital they responded to the public declaration, where they were they do not deny what happened and they even do; laments the situation.

"Once the medication has been damaged, the clinical team and center management they gave every translation step directly which is according to the function and control protocol ", they were sure.

And they said: "The Hospital decides that clinical research is set up in the matching administrative responsibilities and that the person who is responsible for the job will not be 39; the bad incident caused, and provided tasks in the Emergency Unit so that the situation can be clarified ".

More inaccurate

This case adds to any other negligence that happened in the same hospital. In mid-2017, for example, the The court convicted the hospital in Quilpué to pay a compensation of 30 million pesos A young man for injured treatment was injured in 2011. As a result, the lost impact was lost.

Newer than what happens to Yasna Cortés Cáceres, 31, who said in September this year, they were suffering from abuse. On October 12, 2017, he went to campus to connect the fallopian tubes, since I decided not to get more children. However, according to the complaint, the laboratory was wrong and it made other problems – that's I have to stop the ocean.

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