New handling units, mobile units, fought in Manitoba meth use


Manitoba gets more medicine beds to deal with the ever-increasing use of methamphetamine and will create mobile units for people who are infected. dealing with withdrawal marks, regional and federal politicians say.

The government is funding to & # 39; project with $ 4.2 million over the next five years, which will be matched by federal government.

"This is a real help for those who need it," said MPP MPP Jim Carr.

The new medicine beds will be for meat users, and the withdrawal signs can take weeks.

The current handling beds are at the moment; Division was set aside for seven days at a time, said Minister of Health, Cameron Friesen.

The exact number of beds and location will be set by request for proposals to be submitted next year.

It is expected that the facilities will help at least 130 people annually, Friesen said.

In addition, the funding will be aimed at the creation of mobile transit services. These units would include a nurse and revenge staff.

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