New Horizons testing phones home with a task of images and data from meeting Ultima Thule


Comparison of two images made by New Horizons (LORRI), Long Range Longitudinal Investigation Imagination, which provides the best understanding of the size and size of Ultima Thule to date. The starting point of this Kuiper Belt thing suggests that it is about 20 miles long 10 miles wide (32km with 16 kilometers).

NASA / University of Johns Hopkins Laboratory Physics Applied / Southwest Research Institute

NASA's New Horizons mission has begun to spread over valuable data over 6.6 billion kilometers of interlatable space to get to # 39; reflect the reasonable and characteristic face of the most remote object spacecraft has ever done.

Confident rulers confirmed that the robotic explorer was alive when he met Ultima Thule early on Tuesday morning and had begun the statues and the data he collected in the historic flyby.

Scientists said that the information stored from a remote corner thing, which was thought to have been left from the solar system in the long run, gave information on how the planets to create.

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The first signal came to the safe spacecraft to; arrive at 10:33 a.m. ET, just 10 hours after he passed past Ultima Thule.

The hitting broke a long time of silence when the science team leaders had been with the New Horizons project for more than forty years. Waiting for their first communication since then. There was very little decision; The probe could be able to broadcast: With a flight distance of 14.4km per second, the smallest of small smaller stones would be prevented.

Scientists, engineers, their families and others gathered for the event at the Johns Hopkins Laboratory Physics Applied in Laurel, Maryland, fought as ruling rulers asserting that New Horizons by telephoning home as recorded.

The previous night, after them to phone in & # 39; New year, team members had counted down and identified the journey they intended to make New Horizons its closest approach to the target based on the knowledge on its way.

But despite the festival – a & # 39; including the distribution of a New Horizons song that was recorded by adding to the scientist and the rock guitarist, Brian May of Queen, who went on for the event – there was no way The mission team had to know if their spacecraft was in one piece and its performance on Ultima Thule.

The site was made compared to a photograph of flower beside the road from an early night car window.

Mission regulators could be sure to ensure that New Horizons was successful, the spacecraft would have to stop data collection and its. move to restore its main antenna to the home. The signal would then have more than six hours to exceed the extreme distance between Ultima Thule and Earth.

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"This confidence has been about a delayed offer," said Alan Stern, the chief inspector, in the newsletters on Tuesday morning.

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has followed the most remote research of another world. Fleet rulers were found in Laurel, Maryland, a word from the Tuesday spaceboat, 10 hours after midnight. The Associated Press

It was proposed in the early 1990s, New Horizons was launched in 2006, and in 2015 the first spaceboat came to get Pluto. The trip to Ultima Thule means that it is given on half of its mission, gives its first close-up investigation into a Kuiper Belt member, a large proportion of small frozen groups that have a affecting the darkness of the night far beyond the main planets of our solar system. The challenge was bigger because the scientists did not have a suitable Kuiper Belt yet to launch New Horizons. Ultima Thule was found in 2014.

Due to the long and slow pace of time, scientists do not expect a good view of Ultima Thule to divide until Wednesday after working with raw data.

"Ultima Thule will be converted into a real world," said member of the team and planetary expert Hal Weaver.

On Tuesday, scientists have published a profile that was built before the nearest place to the way that Ultima Thule seems to be a shape of a 35 kilometer loop line with 15 kilometers at the widest. The pixelated image does not exclude that Ultima Thule can both be close or in touch.

Stephen Gwyn, a data researcher and specialist with the Canadian National Research Council, who participates in the " mission, the image has already resolved one mystery: as the Ultima Thule can make a crucial shape to move unchanged to be clear.

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The suspected response is that scientists already have: that the Ultima Thule energy axis is near the Earth, so it seems that it is like a converter with the illuminated side of its & # 39; growing its & # 39; facing earthquake telescopes.

"Our data to date has shown that we were right. We are going to petition the stuff we did not & # 39 , expectations, "said Dr. White. "This thing will be going to look cool."

Dr. Even though the images of this week should be an amazing development of the current Kuiper Belt experts, scientists' best scenes will not be uploaded until February.

Before that time, New Horizons will be on its way out of the solar system to enter into galaxy for the eternity, which said businessman manager Alice Bowman, she waited for herself through the silence and confidence of her; spread.

"Everyone of us has on that spacecraft that we keep after we have been away here on Earth," she said.

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