NEW INFORMATION: Every town of Decatur schools has locked up after violent threats Decaturish


Written by Dan Whisenhunt
November 27, 2018
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The reader Barbara Palumbo sent this picture of the scene outside Middle School Renfroe

This story was updated.

Every Decatur school, such as Decatur High and Renfroe Middle School, has been locked down tomorrow, November 27, after receiving a "threatening threat".

Decatur Police Department responded to the responsibility of green, "Ensuring everyone is right enough."

A spokeswoman for the Police Department said: "On Tuesday, November 27, 2018, Decatur Police Department received reports about the threat of a bomb against any school and threats of gun violence made Against two more schools. Working with Decatur Town Schools in Decatur, the entire system of all schools was triggered in Decatur. DeKalb County Police and Sheriff County County Office responded to help. schools have still been locked down as we investigate these risks. We have had officers on the site in every school since we were told about the dangers. We did not get Any evidence to confirm these dangers at this time. Officers will still be assigned to each school for their rest of the day. We will provide information after us after the lock has been built. "

Decatur police officers and the prime ministers of the County of Northern Constabulary were seen in the area. The reporter Cathi Harris said that current officers are investigating Glennwood Elementary and the students who were transferred to the Trinity Church Parish Episcopal School.

Harris said the sheriff has blocked the east side of Ponce de Leon Avenue at Commerce Drive.

Photo by Cathi Harris

The City Council's Decatur officials were not immediately available to comment but sent the following message to parents:

Our child's safety is our ambition. Out of a lot of emergencies after having a risk in some schools, CSD has embarked on lock throughout the system.

We are actively working with the police department to investigate this situation. Students can not be inspected until the lock is built. Do not go to schools because this will impede the school's safety procedures. Decatur Police Department has issued officers to all schools.

We will continue to submit updates.

Decatur High and Renfroe Middle students and teachers have been texting family members to tell them about the locks down.

A parent who did not receive the following text messages from their student, who is serving Decatur High.

From my DHS jr:

10: 48-We're in hard lock for some reason

(I asked if he was in a classroom)

10: 55-Yep. And we are behind these labels. There is no place near the door. They said it was something outside the building

11: 09-We have now dropped a lock. So we can come up and start a class but we can not leave their class

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that schools in Dunwoody have also been in recent instances.

"None of these threats were considered as a credit," said the AJC.

This is a story that is being developed. Look back for updates.

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