New Labor Code: 13/03/2019. Holiday changes, salaries for additional time, components of minimum wage


New projects, comprising two separate codes for staff and individuals, were prepared with a special commission dedicated to experts on the subject, at the request of the Labor Minister. Reports of their work, along with relevant documents, were submitted with a statement of family, work and social policy at Graeme Rafalska close to a year ago. However, the rebellion didn't happen.

It has not happened because the government feared the reactions of staff.

At the same time, the Labor Minister announced that he would not make changes, but would bring them in through changes to the "old" code of practice. However, by the end of 2018, none of the contentious solutions had become legal.

Payment for additional time

It was closer – and still is, because it is a case linked to legal union within the European Union – with changes to the pay rules for an additional period. It is about paying for work such as return to accounts created for a period of work. Currently, the amount due for payment over payment will be paid at the end of the month along with other parts of the payment. However, after the change, the money was frozen and used, for example, to cover time off or holidays. This solution relies on employers, but not employees. That is why the old system is still in existence, and if there is a change, it may not be that long, and although the money for recording hours is included on a particular account, a model German solutions, the worker gets much more liberal than the first project taken over.

Indeed, in 2019 – the election year – the government will not decide on controversial holiday changes and leave them when they are asked.
Please note that the project has received an equal amount of annual leave to all staff, whatever their status. On the other hand, on leave on demand, while leaving the current days to the employee, he persuaded the employer to contact the employer that he would like leave. They give you at least 24 hours. This second solution fully affects the centre's leave request, though – it is easy to understand – that it would be much easier for the employer to continue to need them for corrections due to the work of other members of the team.

At least paid for work

There are some changes to pay components related to minimum working hours. The government bill was approved in December 2018 and consultation was carried out; any week should go to the government's deliberations and then move to the Sejm.

There is a full agreement that these provisions must be introduced. The current structure – which includes taking the minimum wage for work, different allowances, includes the apprenticeship and the biggest controversy – in practice discriminating against budget staff who do not benefit from an increase in minimum wages just starting their posts. It was likely that the matter would be completed as early as 2018 and the new law will apply from early 2019. However, as the change includes an additional cost for the budget t state – staff have responsibility for budget allocations – delays in switching through impairment of assets due to impairment.

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The situation has now gone back with 180 degrees – it is a year of election, who may be able to count on standing for such an emergency position, and this has ensuring that these changes to the law in 2019 are introduced at a percentage of 100 per cent.

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