New LG Grammar (2019), features, price page and data


LG has continued its strategy of previous years, CES initially expects to showcase their new interests and so on; making sound. In this case, it is about you LG Gram newYes, in the multiplication, from which the company has a & # 39; gives two preferences for his famous laptop we will physically meet in Las Vegas in the next CES 2019.

Please let us know your technical details:

LG Gram 2019 data page

LG Gram 17 (17Z990)

LG Gram 14 2-in-1 (14T990)


17 inches on the IPS panel

14 inch IPS touch panel with Gorilla Glass 5


WQXGA (2560 X 1600 px) estimates 16:10 and 96% sRGB

Full HD (1920 x 1080) is rated 16: 9

They are better

380.6 x 265.7 x 17.4 mm

324.6 x 210.8 x 17.9 mm


1.3 cg

1.1 cg


72Wh (19.5 hours of devolution)

72 hours (21 hours of devolution)

More important

Wind Direction: WNW

Wind Direction: WNW


8GB / 16GB DDR4

8GB / 16GB DDR4


256GB / 512GB (M.2 Slot)

256GB / 512GB (M.2 Slot)


With 98 keys backlit

With 98 keys backlit


USB 3.1 type-C (optional to support Thunderbolt 3 separately), 3 USB 3.1 ports, HDMI, microSD, Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0

USB 3.1 type-C, 2 USB 3.1 ports, HDMI, microSD, Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0.

In addition

Reading with fingerprint, glass touchpad, MIL-STD-810g military certificate and DTS X.

A fingerprint reader, a MIL-STD-810g, DTS X headset and LG Stylus Pen (Wacom AES2.0) military certificate were included.


White and Silver


Price and accessibility

$ 1,699 and the date to be announced

$ 1,499 and the date to be announced

LG 17 inches moved in a 15-inch laptop

Lg Gram 01

The 2019 version of LG is extremely popular enlarge its screen to 17 inches, but frames have been reduced to increase the size of the entire device, so it's a 15-inch inch with a 17 inch screen, or at least LG's .

In fact, the weight is not more than one kilogram as it was in a previous generation, but for this model it is expanded to 1,340 grams, However, it is still easy to use for a 17-inch inch laptice. LG even says that this is the largest 17 inch inch laptop on its market.

Gram 05

LG does not have a model specification to project or speed that includes this LG 17, which did not just indicate it was the eighth generation of Intel. The aims are aimed at Core i7 (8565U), but we need to reinforce this information. It will be available in two options of RAM, 8 or 16 GB, and choose storage between 256 and 512 GB, and has another slot to add another SSD.

That is an important point this LG 17 will be able to support Thunderbolt 3 through USB-CHowever, this will be an extra option that will be sold separately at unpublished price. In the rest of the connection, we have three USB 3.1 ports, a 3.5 mm port for mobile phones, HDMI and microSD, length & # 39; The operating system of Windows 10 is.

LG Gram Awards in convertible format

Lg Gram 03

This is the story for this generation of the Gram family The new version with 2-in-1 convertible design which includes a 14-inch screen and also a & # 39; including the Wacom AES 2.0 style with 4,096 weight levels and audio detectors, which allows us to use the device in a tablet format to take notes with more partnership.

This LG LG 14 can be used both in the format of a menu, to be saved to a keyboard in 360 by clicking on it. installing his new device, or as if it were a laptop, as happened to this family of LG devices.

Lg Gram 04

Its weight is also higher than a kilogram that is just 1,145 grams, apart from a range of up to 21 hours. It should be noted that the screen does not have the same option as its big brother, so we have full HD with a 16: 9 ratio that is keen Gorilla Glass 5 protection was added.

In terms of the available ports, the LG Gram 14 is lost for its brother to support Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 port. For more definitions, it is still the same, with the same process, RAM and storage options, and the operating system.

The price and accessibility of the new Gram Gram family 2019

Until now no information about the drafts and the date is provided, it is only known LG Gram 17 starts at $ 1,699, and LG Gram 14 starts at $ 1,499. During the next CES 2019 we will be aware of the news to update the information when available.

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