New Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse W223 2020


There is already spice pictures of the other active network within the network. Although he is hidden under a thick layer of camouflage, we can first think of how he looks.

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The genus S-Klasse of the W222 has been exhibited to the public in 2013, and in 2017, the car was renovated. The new model, with the view taken from the spy pictures, will still keep the necessary confines and the rearrangements behind it and back behind the bodies must be re-activated. So a new trapezoidal grid may appear in front of it, like the latest brand innovations such as the CLS, A-Klasse, CLA and five-GT AMG. Street lighting can become narrower and slower. In general, the first part is more direct, and the grille with head-optics will be slightly lower than the current “eske”.

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse front1

If you look at the spices, you will notice that the evenings will change even more. First, you can expect the appearance of lamps totally different, including self-contained, as an option, with the help of a wide-ranging chrome suppression. The top opens a wider roof, but a plague of permission will continue to remain. Plastic plastic walls are still not visible in camouflage, but you can see a new vyshtampovka, located just below the line of the subwindow.

He is too early to talk about the technical aspect of the future, but is likely to get a wide range of power plants, including hybrid versions. It is already known that there will be no 12-cylinder AMG change in the next generation, and more recently in Geneva, they showed the final “turning”. It is based on this generation. Also, as a result of the spies picture, we know there will be big changes within the new S-Class class – there will be a big table like Tesla cars there.

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse rear1

The first exhibition of the Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse is due to take over next year.

Today in Russia, a generational phase of this generation is being priced at a cost of 7 140 000 rubles (S 450, 367 HP). 60,000 more expensive 250-horse diesel development 350th with a wheel-drive. The most expensive thing mentioned earlier is over 12 cylinders 630-strong sports which is S 65 – 18,320,000 rubles.

It is remembered that the updated GLC overhaul was delivered last year in Geneva, which, according to available information, is collected in Russia.

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