New multi-purpose buildings with flats must be built in Ružinov built


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Future buildings land in Ružinov

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In Bratislava, Ružinov, the predator aims to build a multi-purpose Galvani house with residential and non-residential buildings. The building would like to run on the land that has not been used at present.

The completion of the construction dates two years later. The total costs are estimated at € 16 million. This is evident from the published system, which is currently in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process.

There are three objects in a multi-type theme. The building wants to divide the predator in two units, which is a block of flats and a sailing. Building A is a flat-ground floor-house which will be the non-residential sites. The objectives of B and C are residential properties. The predator will account for building 189 rooms and 90 rooms. It should be in 22-room flat flats, 161 two-room rooms and six chambers of three rooms, which may be different, however, according to those found. There is also a double room between the flats. There are seven to eight buildings.

Land on which the flats and the sailing must be built

The purpose of the house is very useful in two types. In the first instance, the total floor of 24,906 m2 and the number of total parking spaces in 327. In the second difference, the total floor is 27.781 m2 and the parks are 349 .

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The prospective investor is built at Ružinov in Trnávka. The land is near storehouses and facilities. At a distance of about 50 meters to the southwest, the railway will pass. The nearest residential area is approximately 75 meters away on the railway line and Vrakunská cesta. From the southeast side, a piece of land is a furniture source. The building should be a seven-storey building, but the second alteration is proposed by eight floors above. A reservoir will continue to continue. first choice of construction solution.

(TASR, ms)

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