New Nintendo Direct Way? News @JVL


Nintendo could save his world with new Nintendo Direct advertising in the coming days to believe the truth is.

User of Reset just built the case for Nintendo fans by going to # 39; Wait some Nintendo Direct new adventures. If you're up to the one who is in Responding to the name of King Zell who has already sent out a message in the past, Kyoto could give us a chance on 13 February for one of his video shows.

Although not telling us what event it would appear, it lists a game that should be named in the # 39; year and maybe early next week.

In the second, we found:

  • Pikmin 3
  • Mario Maker 2
  • Boxboy
  • New Zelda 2D
  • 2019 Pokemon

For now, it is the indication of these ads by the usual response, since although the source is just seen in the past, there is no promise that it is still right. today.

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