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The OPPO brand mobile phone has gradually opened the design road from the R11 star screen, which goes to the R15 spectacular glass window and then to the "coordination and grading process" R17, the design is a & # 39; Increasingly, with "play color" A & # 39; movement. For the first time, OPPO has expanded its & # 39; special calibration to mobile phones, and indicated that an OPPO AX7 Pro was launched in Taiwan, which started its sale on the 22nd! The AX7 Pro provides the R17 series of screenshots and screenshots that are sensitive to light. It's a & n; offer both Van Gogh Blue and Mocha Red. The colorful colors are the best fashionable fashion tools for Christmas in response to the Christmas season!

Pro OPPO AX7 arrangements come near the preferred R series, and first price with the screen fingerprint of the screen! Likewise with the R17, it is equipped with a 6.4-inch screening screen, which represents 91% of the screen. The latest identification will be in a lightweight screen that will affect the on-screen lens scheme, and the large photosensitive elements will be able to; do better than a fingerprint. The screen just like to push her & # 39; horizontal, and can be immediately opened with one connection. The application for a screen fingerprint is sensitive to locking light instead of locking fingerprints, and & # 39; shows that the AX7 Pro appears to be harder. In addition, the AX7 Pro uses a gradually designed appearance, which is coated with coherent timber and gradual color to create a special wooden device. The appearance and light column look like; appearing each other, showing the current current; continually changing and growing. Van Gogh Blue makes a young fashion with a blue-pink difference, and Mocha Red is a presents a red-tailed gradient picture with a Christmas atmosphere.

Responding to the interaction requirements of self-design and social networking, AX7 Pro is equipped with 25 million lenses ahead, with AI Smart Beauty 2.0, and & # 39; Automatically collects 296 facial features on the face, analyzing the quality of skin, age and other information. The beauty of the 8 million beauty programs is suited to you! The main lens is equipped with 16 million + 2 million pairs of lenses, with an AI design method, which has a more natural depth impact and a rich choice of light effects.

The newly-developed ColorOS 5.2 contributes to a number of features that are displayed; giving a more complex and more complex life experience, making work and life more efficient. Take a business card and quickly create communications, keep your contact information promptly; "Side Side Smart" on the side of the screen can quickly respond to messages, or easily convert applications, & # 39; enjoying audio and video entertainments, and quickly catching scratches without jumping out of the window. Reply to the! Developing the play activity for faster and lesser energy.

AX7 Pro is equipped with 4GB access memory and Qualcomm SnapdragonT 660 processor. Van Gogh Blue and Mocha Red's own props are sold for NT $ 11,990. From November 22th, the OPPO website, the designated OPPO communications source, will be launched later. The online source is sold by main online shopping centers (PChome 24h Store, Yahoo Shopping Mall, Momo Shopping Network, Dongsen Shopping Network, udn Shopping Mall, Shopping Center); and from 1 December, Chunghwa Telecom, Far EasTone, Taiwan Big Brother, Taiwan Star, Asia Pacific Telecom, Shennao International official list for sale.

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