New Porsche 911 is published! Meet the 992 generation sequence …


The 993 new generation Porsche 911 was released at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, with more powerful versions of the flat engines with six turbocharged and new technology.

Although Porsche says that the "eighth generation" 911 has a "fuller vision of sound", the style styles outside – as was expected – were very advanced. But the automaker says "wheelchair" is a much wider "wheelchair" (which covers a 20 inch inches and 21 inches in the back), although the back field is now the same width across all modules.

At the front, the body is about 45 mm wider, long & Door treatment has been added. On the front, you will also receive new LED sheets, & # 39; The back contains a "more variable variable spoiler" broader and one-piece light bar. In addition to the front and rear sections, the whole outdoor skin is now grown from aluminum.

The Zuffenhausen-based logo also has information on chassis and underground support systems. A new "wet" method has also been introduced (which is the way to find water on the road, "pre-accounts" of the control systems and warning the driver), along with Night Vision Assist (with thermal imaging camera).

In addition, the next generation of the configured 3-liter-six-yard engines have been "gradually developed" to make more oomph in the S. models. The automaker says efficiency is increasing because there is a better assumption process and a new format for the turbochargers and its; cost air cooling system. And power is now delivered through a two-fast two-speed system (it seems that a hand option will also be offered).

The 911 Carrera S and 911 Carrera 4S now make 331 kW, which is a? represents an increase of 22 kW compared to previous models. The drive-wheel-wheel coupé 3,7 seconds must be selected for 100 kilometers / hail from a long standing and the speed-driving model is one faster tenth (by identifying the Sport Sport Package option there will be 0.2 seconds each time). The new 911 course runs at 308 km / h, length & # 39; as the 4S runs out of puff at 306 km / h.

Inside, you will find two straightforward displays. The center's screen is 10.9 inches measuring and is located above a five button converter unit for direct access to the key vehicle features.
Porsche 911

Article written by Ryan Bubear

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