New production chain decision-making stage again to Tokyo Studio, YOU, Ryota Yamatokura and others (Mittal web) – Yahoo! News – Yahoo! News


  1. The new series for delivery decisions will be in Tokyo again the Studio, THA, Yamazato Ryota et al. (Web Manshan) – Yahoo! Yahoo! News News
  2. 【Terrace House · Karuizawa Editing】 What produce does it have? love between the head of Ges pole and vacation department? Risako Tanikawa replied news module
  3. House, Terrace, New Reserve Representation Level & Determination Determination Especially Model Model
  4. 【Terrace House · Karuizawa Edition】 Shimabuku Seinan & Nobu Ishikura Kiss The last and former members appear one after each other Model Press
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