New program for Kenan Doğulu from Beren Saat – 1


Beren Saat, who came up with Kenan Doğulu's divorce applications, and made a new move to Instagram.

  • Taking inspiration from his Instagram page with his wife, Kenan Doğulu, his animation paintings helped him build up a divorce and embellish applications for a divorce.

  • Beren Saat, who said, stayed silent for a long time before the announcement, "There is no such thing as there."

  • Today, today Kenan Doğulu in the Instagram Share. The illustration of Doğulu applause & # 39; emojis which sent fans of the messages "send away".

  • It was said that Saat and Docedulu would be separated on Thursday 28 March.

  • Displaying the title "Atiye", which will be published on Netflix, Saat said that the new stream had started burning and that the sport was great on the set. Putting down about allegations, "it is not true, there is such a thing," he refused.

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