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PUBG has been constantly adding new features, activities and maps to stay ahead of it; game. This time, a new map has declined on the internet before it was released. It is called Vikendi to see the map and it is said to have snowflakes. By winter to coming in, every gamer is very inspiring about the new winter map based. The company had been in & # 39; mapping during the Microsoft Press conference at E3 and not much featured in the teaser. It was considered that the new map would be named Dihor Otok but recent reductions have shown that the name of Vikendi would be.

What Should Expect from its New Map

Redditor recently shot photographs of a map data data mine. The map will be larger than Sanhok and less than Erangel. This means that the play time is shorter than 30 minutes and more than 15 for an average player. This is the fourth map that will be added to the game after Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. There is also a belief that the map will be distributed at the same time as it is PlayStation 4 PUBG day of game distribution.

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The data mine has also shown that a new climate impact will also be added. This will include Snow, which will be particularly specific to Vikendi and Night mode too. Map & Hobbies are next to their & # 39; suggestion suggests that there are very few trees at all. It is also widely reported that a new vehicle that is similar to Voletwagen's Beetle is also to add to new weapons. It is expected that the PS4 edition of PUBG will come on December 7. Around the same time Fortnite, Overwatch and other games will also try to release their winter maps. December looks like great gamers!

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