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Carlos Ghosn

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Kiosque360. Solicitors Carlos Ghosn and Renault tell Nissan's customs to bring one of the most important chiefs of global industry down.

Carlos Ghosn's case has not yet delivered all secrets. French Media Sunday diary It has just appeared that the producer who is now the leader of the Renault-Nissan community complies that Japanese customs habits have the same goal to download.

According to the media, mentioned among other books by, a letter from the lawyers of Carlos Ghosn and Renault, given to the people who made Japanese makers, & # 39; sets out Nissan's procedures for quizing staff and evidence of headteacher. They are even frightening with the methods used to interview the French maker's staff.

On the 19th of January, the lawyer's letter from the French maker, about ten pages, has been repeatedly "the last major concerns of Nissan's ways and those who are legal adviser to guide their internal audit and the way in which they have dealt with a few Renault staff. "

"Renault has gathered enough evidence to understand and regret the ways Nissan and his lawyers have used to interview Renault staff with the Japanese public prosecutor's office," said the -ghagha a & # 39; distributing publications Diary Sunday. According to these media, Nissan and his lawyers have been "searching" in the elements in France who confirm the protest against Carlos Ghosn after the person arrested and not describing his friendship. In the same way, they tried to explore the rooms "who was the leader of her; Renault-Nissan "in Brazil, Lebanon and the Netherlands without telling Renault".

In response to these publications, Nissan's spokesman, Nicholas Maxfield, AFP on Sunday stated that the letter "had already been evaluated and promoted a series of written and oral responses from advice from outside "by Japanese scriptwriting. . "The debating communications currently show a conversation situation with Renault and its lawyers," he said. Nissan always wants "an open and straightforward dialogue with his partners to help make the relevant facts light".

In memory, Carlos Ghosn, who has been over the years, indicating the global technology industry, was arrested on Tokyo on November 19, 2018, accused of the breach of trust and loss Income in the statements to stock trading authorities 2010 to 2018.

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