New publisher Nifty Games wants to "get back to the spirit of sporting spirit"


It specializes in mobile and digital titles for fans "used to enjoy watching their favorite sports"

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But another new publisher has appeared, this time focusing solely on sports awards.

Nifty Games based in California was set up earlier this year and has completed its $ 3 million seed trip. The company will have a & # 39; specializing in "free-to-one mobile and mobile freeware … for sports fans" and hopes to set up these titles around famous items, messages and players – any partnerships in this trip.

The publisher was created by Director John Middleton and Pete Wanat's CEO. Middleton has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, having worked for such as Mad Catz and Pulse Entertainment, and formerly Wanat of the VP from representing from the Universal games division, where He helped by & # 39; Launch mobile phone Despicable Me: Minion Rush.


Pete Wanat, Nifty Games

For the new initiative, the two groups want to "create a more specific set of fun games for sports", with Wanat telling Some of the current donations are too hard to reach a listener.

"We've grown up at Mike Tyson, Maddens, FIFAs, NHL and RBI Baseballs in the early stages of Punch-Out," he said. "That was to feed the hook for the love of the games that we were already giving love. Even before the early TV style games and reasonable graphic pictures of sporting games Today, take on real sporting foundations without having to post-

"We want to go back to the sporting spirit of the main spirit – not again, but in a way that has a modern and unnecessary sense of masters degree in play.

"We strongly feel that our games enjoy sporting fans and more equal fans. It will give a lot more audience without the need for a book play a fascinating game or control while we still want to make sure we accept sports fans' requests. "


John Middleton, Nifty Games

At the same time, Middleton said that only focus on sports titles would "bring" a special benefit "to Nifty in a market with so many new publishers, and Thanks to the big campaigns and so sports initiatives have already been established over the years.

"Sports sports today are enjoying enjoying their favorite sports – what will happen on the field, the court, or in circles, which disturb people among real sports fans who move away their way of life and play their fun to community buddy here. "

He continued: "Our focus is our strength. There is a great benefit to playing games for communities of broad fans who have made a huge contribution to sport. planning to exploit this ongoing relationship with a real sport that tends to depend on fictional creatures, we have a better time to play, identify our market and lower obstacles to bring our games to experts with our games. This is a great value in a modern mobile market. Our focus is on sports games that allow us full Attention to the players most likely to play our games on a long-term basis. "

Management guidance behind Nifty Games is Gaming aXiomatic, which is widely invested in anchorage and is dependent on Moving Team. The company has a & # 39; Running their own efforts to link a sporting link and video games, attracting Michael Jordan's basketball football attention and investment.

It is to connect to & # 39; supporting Nifty as Defy.VC's venture capital companies and March Capital partners, as well as investor games such as Trevor Wright, Kai Huang Red Red and Abhay Parek Discord.

Nifty Games was even invested by team owners over every five of the major sporting enterprises in North America.

"We have been fortunate to have such a large group of people who believe in the Nifty Games business," said Middleton.

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