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The initiative aims to bring about "cultural knowledge, knowledge and customs, exchange and dissemination, in an innovative way," and will work from April 2019. Those wishing to participate as teachers Now submit the recommendations to Recoleta Township.

Monday, November 26, 2018 18:46 an hour.


Recoleta's city was a show, once again, a social project. At a pharmacy, a flexible and enjoyable estate, now the Recoleta Open University (UAR), a campaign that's a trying to "bring about cultural knowledge, knowledge and customs, exchange and dissemination" in a "stimulating active citizenship" and modification ".

Major Daniel Jadue's project is inspired by the experiences of European countries such as France, Germany and Spain, where universities of this type are and that they are. calling for thousands of people.

Teachers wishing to teach at this university can submit suggestions to their home until 14th January. Then, on 28 January, the selected courses will be published, to start a registration process in March and start official classes in April.

Although the University of Open does not take professional steps, it will provide training and craft qualifications, as well as being able to do a job. completing secondary education.

"Creating belief in places where a community, well-known, decision-making, enriched, is completely different from thinking that we will solve problems with society with more violence, "said Mayor Jadue, a & # 39; compares its project with the Segura project, saying that "today we want the university to go up to society, to consider everyday problems with the same force known to discuss history or philosophy, and we believe this is a way of going to look for a meeting between social actors. "

The project is supported by UNESCO, the University of Florida and the University of Santiago and, also, an Academic Council has been created by Faride Zerán, the National Journalist Prize and Deputy Director of Expansion and Communications in the Home Office, José Maza, National Science Awards, and Diamela Eltit, National Literary Award.

There are other prestigious figures of the academy and representatives of their social and cultural world such as María Emilia Tijoux, Verónica Valdivia, Alejandro Goic, Ernesto Moreno, minister of Marcos Barraza, Henry Renna and Boaventura de Sousa Santos.

Details of the project can be reviewed here.

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