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The NOK 90 million cash requirement was first introduced in the billionaire Tom Hagen, which was found in the last couple's home.

According to NRK information, there has been a new link between the Hagen family and the forefathers that have been said. The police announce a news conference at 5.30pm on Monday.

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Anne-Elisabeth Hagen (68) was seen last October last year. One-day family member's call is the last safe life mark from Hagen. The main police idea is that the 68-year-old was stolen from his own home in Lørenskog outside Oslo. Her husband said she wanted.

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen

SAVIN: Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, a 68-year-old, has been missing for over 100 days.

Photo: Private

New platform demand

The previous connection happened to a supporter who may be on 16 January. This was done by Svein Holden's family assistant at a news conference on January 24.

The lawyer said at the time that they wanted to continue with a platform connection that is more suited to communicate.

The assistant lawyer, Svein Holden, holds a news conference

BA WELCOME: Family Supporter Svein Holden held a news conference on January 24.

Photograph: Nadir Alam / NRK

– It is difficult to communicate with the platform that we received a message. It is not suitable for confirmation that she is alive. Telephone, e-mail, meetings and other options films are better, he said with lawyer Holden.

Closed platform

The latest connection between the Hagen family and the well-known smokers has also occurred on a crystal platform, after the NRK told.

The original pricing bid was made in currency.

The family has previously stated that they do not want to pay anything to make sure that Anne-Elisabeth Hagen is missing.

The police have looked at twelve hidden places in Norway and abroad. There are also inquiries for Langvannet's possibilities at the family house.

The police also use good resources to absorb many of the audit videos, and # 39; including roads in the area.

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