New Samsung Galaxy A8s, features, price page and data


Many tried to be the first one, but it did not go; It can only be one, and finally Samsung is. He was among the first to be & # 39; He talks about this from the holes on the screen and was designed for early in 2019, but the Samsung Galaxy A8s, The first one with Infinity-O screen.

At the beginning of the show, Samsung has indicated that he has returned to competition with his Galaxy A8s. He will do that by doing it. installing new technology in the midfielder, and the best example of it is Samsung Galaxy A8s who will put the last device in the grave; the summit.

The Samsung Galaxy A8s showcase has been a bit of stability and maybe a bit too tight, much of that technical information over the border they have stayed in the sky. We have completed the information we needed with what we knew about previous deductions.

Samsung Galaxy A8s data page

Samsung Galaxy A8s


6.4 inches with integrated camera, 19.5: 9 FHD +

Enlargement and weight

158.4 x 74.9 x 7.4 mm, 173 g

More important

Snapdragon 710


6/8 GB


128 GB


3,300 mAh

Face camera

24 MPs

Back camera

Triple: main 24 BP (f1.7) + telephoto 10 BP (f2.4) + 5 MP blur (f2.2)


Background mouse reader

Hole & beech & # 39;


After the showcase of the new types of Infinity display of the company, those who feared Samsung would expand the decoration among its media, but now it seems like b & # 39; The South Koreans prefer to spread on that generation. Instead, they promise on Infinity-O, which is to connect to & # 39; face camera to hole on the screen.

This means that a smaller screen surface is lost with the track, as there are no boundaries around its; camera, although the most important thing is that you can face the camera in a small way without causing too much trouble. This is exactly how Samsung Galaxy A8s is located, in the top left corner.

Although Samsung has been looking for details in the installation of the Samsung Galaxy A8s, we know the scope of the screen that, extended to 6.4 inches No 6.2 if we look at the rounded corners. This circulation, which is, on the road, is a good blend with a loop. camera.

The minijack is away

Minijackno It is not up or down. Here's just a USB-C

Samsung did not comment or comment on anything through the show, but as we believe, Samsung Galaxy A8s is a? The first end of the company will make it without minijack. We do not have a full assignation page, but after checking all the official pictures you can only reach one decision: here there's no minijack there in any place.

Three-way camera


The latest Renewal version of the A series is loaded by lenses, and Samsung Galaxy A8s is not just the disease. If you have one lens attached to the screen, behind is three, with selfie settings, a wide area and for bokeh blur.

It is the main lens 24 MPs opening f / 1.7 and the selfie booklet is attached 10 MPs and f / 2.4 openings and the camera blur 5MP and open f / 2.2. Samsung has almost let us know what camera he is capable of, and we have to wait to see his camera power.

Versions, Samsung Galaxy A8s prices


At the beginning of the show, the company's commitment to globalization and its commitment was made. provides mediation innovation, although we do not have a global export information at this time. Of course, It is not even available as a solution in China. Instead, you can fill in the form and get information when you delete them.

On your part drafts, we know that there will be a version of 6 GB of RAM and another with 8 GB of RAM, and that the 128 GB storage can reach. We see some of its colors, with or without dimensions, in official pictures, but at present we do not have a complete list. As soon as our more detailed information we update this entry.

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