New SPD benefit state foundation: UDP and FDP with criticism, Stegner issues


The SPD wants to be last resorted by the electorate. The main politicians of the UDP and CSU have a great deal of criticism. Ralf Stegner to handle her & # 39; partnership partner.

SPD before changing to a social policy course

  • SPD active committee decided Sunday to leave from Hartz IV. The "citizen money" is to come: less of sanctions and their; giving longer unemployment benefit.
  • In addition, the SPD wants to implement land rent. Heil Social Minister has already commented on this.
  • With the results of disastrous scrutiny, the leadership of the parties appears to change a course.
  • There is a partnership company in & # 39; Bund: which gives evidence of its & # 39; group: CSU party leader, Söder who spoke of a "historical link", which was not funded.
  • The newspapers specify that the SPD is trying to & # 39; Encouraging a very fast time for GroKo.

6:57: FDP director Christian Lindner has criticized the SPD welfare state concept. "Instead of releasing new billions of campaign gifts with a garden pipe, SPD should think of how we can focus on poverty in old age," said Lindner, the " Handelsblatt "on Monday. The proposals for a basic pension are unfair "because they do not pay attention to whether people have been working and providing themselves or not".

Criticism also came from the economic politician of the CDU, Carsten Linnemann. "The SPD has helped over the last 20 years for 16 years and has implemented a lot of social policy," Linnemann said the "Handelsblatt". If she is now sending her & # 39; believes that the German state of welfare does not work anywhere, she "makes it less than she". Then the SPD "surprisingly needs missing values".

SPD General Secretary, Lars Klingbeil, was a reformer protection & & # 39; opponent party. It was right to reorganize the welfare state in these times, Klingbeil said "Augsburger Allgemeine". So he looks at the debate as "quite calm".

The SPD partnership company said: "The Union is particularly strange because it's unlucky in content, except for tax cuts for superb I did not hear program suggestions in the past weeks.

11 February, 2019, 6:55 f: The chairman of the SPD Ralf Stegner is the CDU / CSU ADD who has been accused of blocking plans for a higher pension with low income and only for the wealthy. If the Union says that the land is not on its operative rent, "but even two expensive tax credits for the" rich "wealthy demand, the political differences between the union and the SPD are more more clear, Stegner declared the opposition to the UDP.

"We are also advocating a Democratic Siam of a modern benefit state advocacy that also provides social security for people in the digital workplace," said Stegner. With a citizen contribution as an alternative to Hartz IV, a new basic child protection and a minimum salary level, a final agreement will be made at the end. The Sabbath reform is on the benefits of benefits that provide, between others, to those who are unemployed to be a longer benefit of the unemployment benefit of the Hartz IV place – the this term and its & # 39; previous idea to be & # 39; replacing "money of citizens". The Union will refuse to & # 39; concept but hard.

Press Releases: Does the SPD work for a departure plan for GroKo?

16:43: In his opinion Writer Moritz Rödle wants SPD to keep steady now. Rödle, who works for the ARD Capital Studio, writes: "By Hartz IV, the SPD is on the right way. She reviews on democratic social values . "But now the party must also show that it can affect it.

The clearer position of the SPD is also good for German democracy, saying Rödle: "It is often seen that Social Democrats have been seen in recent years as weak social correction for Union parties. -not, voters can recognize different differences between the parties again. "Now SPD should not be removed -" no matter how good the fight, "Rödle wants his opinion.

Focus Online says that the 17 pages of the SPD concept for a new benefits state "are the last hopes for Andrea Nahles." "Nahles could give the dispute. But if the elections are bad, human resources issues should be repeatedly recovered," can be shared; tunes. The SPD is now focusing on left roots, so that they do not go to the left; go out to abusive.

Spiegel Online recognizes SPD's reform plans for leaving plan. Agent Sebastian Fischer expects applications such as the minimum salary increases, land rent and, leaving Hartz IV to blame the uncomfortable GroKo breakdown, similar to the FDP's in 1982 by the Helmut Schmidt government. "There is only one important difference: the FDP has been a bankruptcy to create a new government with the Union. SPD of the year 2019 has put everything for it to bring themselves- out of her game, "Fischer's writing. also writes that the SPD appears to have a & # 39; Sociopolitical company editing "GroKo divorce divide". The SPD is renewing itself, trying to restore its social political image, to be more believing and thus resigning voters. On request from picture the famous political expert, Prof. Heinricht Oberreuter: "The SPD is currently preparing the GroKo division long ago – from Kühnert to Gabriel. It opened several areas of conflicts with a single business, with statutory plans passing the Chancellor and partnership partners. "

Andreas Nahles (SPD): "We're leaving Hartz IV behind"

16:35: The SPD board has unanimously agreed to abandon its Hartz IV concept; before. "We can say correctly: We will leave Hartz IV behind," said head of SPD Andrea Nahles on Sunday in Berlin after his death; decision making. Instead of a concept created by Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, new currency money is to be made. The rules seats should not be changed. But those who have long paid for the long-term benefits of unemployment for a longer period than social help, up to three years instead of at least two years. Employment unemployment should have to receive training after three months. Compared to the system today, there should be sanctions and stress.

SPD enhances the left image: a minimum level of 12 euros and away from Hartz IV

3:18 pm: By capturing Hartz IV, the twelve-month salary of the euro and measures against child poverty, the SPD wants to; Her left profile is clearly made clear. "We took one year to listen to the party," said Secretary General Lars Klingbeil on Sunday in Berlin at the beginning of a two-day board meeting. Thousands of suggestions have been received, which have been incorporated into the party's renewal. Klingbeil has been stressed at times of major change and growth is upright, the SPD aims to organize "coherence".

Altmaier Minister wants to & # 39; monitor the consensus agreement

11.45 clock: The Minister for Publicitarian Economics Peter Altmaier has asked the SPD to continue its collaboration and plans for its such a basic pension. In fact, the Christian Democrat is in a media interview with the Media Group of Funke behind the agreed project to promise a pension over the basic security for years of partners. But Altmaier said to the contract set out in the # 39; partnership that only those who need this special benefit. "For someone with a lot of money, the situation is different from a widow with a small house, from her children. So, the assessment test for basic basic pensions."

Söder estimates that SPD plans are "inconvenient" and its " talk about "historical left weight"

8.20 m:The CSU chairman, Markus Söder, has reported SPD plans for a basic pension as "not financially". In addition, these proposals are not covered by their consortium, Söder said to the "Bild am Sonntag". "We do not negotiate a new consensus agreement. Indeed, we will talk to each other, but we can not put pressure away from the government." Above Everything, an assessment test must be needed to enable the achievement of performances where necessary. For a further procedure within federal government, Söder suggested: "With the Grundrente, the pension commission should give themselves concern and there in peace talk about it. We do not & # 39; make any quick decisions on his pension. "

Updated from February 10, 2019, 6:32 m: The main politicians of the UDP and CSU have been severely criticizing the reintroduction of the SPD that was planned and eliminated that they removed from the consensus agreement. "The SPD is planning a funeral social market economy," said the CDU Vice President, Volker Bouffier, newspaper press agency Funke. "With her wish to win voters again, she chose a tight left hand side."

Revision of the job market, of Hartz IV and the financial benefits of children: A & # 39; build on SPD party leadership

SPD's activity is to enhance the profile of the left party with an extensive package for revision of its & # 39; labor market, of Hartz IV and the financial benefits of children and discovering from the ongoing continuous monitoring. In addition, there is a party's leadership to & # 39; Coming together on Sunday afternoon (2:00 pm) at Willy-Brandt-Haus in Berlin for a two-day march.

The party and parliamentary party leader Andrea Nahles, who is under pressure due to the survey, wants to use a concept to achieve a turnover – it is a complete result; the updating process so far. Another subject on Monday should be the forthcoming European election campaign.

Consideration of plans: "How to completely solve the SPD"

Bouffier said: "The SPD can not take responsibility in the federal government and at the same time make daily proposals that should not be done in this partnership. SPD becomes hard-working. "And:" The whole country will be abusive if one of the government's partners wants to be away from the basis of the consensus agreement and to # 39 ; run in a different way. "

Bouffier referred to as Söder on Ministerial plans for his Party Party, for long-term partners to the & Unified basic pension over the basic security included – despite the need. In union union agreement and the SPD, approval was confirmed as a contract.

Söder said: "The major partnership should rule together this year and not to make a major election campaign." He praised "calm" to discuss his & her; rent in the pension commission – but does not want health.

Advantive selection: So, the SPD supports the Nahles state societal concept

Berlin – The head of SPD Andrea Nahles receives extensive support from their own areas at the beginning of the Sunday board meeting. Minister of Federal Finance Olaf Scholz (SPD) supported their plans for reform of the welfare state. Malu Dreyer's Deputy Party said, "We have good arguments to understand better people why SPD needs." Head of the old party, Sigmar Gabriel, asked that the SPD "wanted more than good social policies".

Scholz added to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" of the weekend that the SPD has the benefit of the "justified" benefits state. And since it has changed time, a good 15 years after the last basic reforms to date, the SPD is now in a position; recommends "a new renewal of the welfare state".

Changing the world of work should not be less security through technical progress and accuracy. "It's not a natural law," Scholz said. Therefore, he considered "essential improvements in time to earn unemployment" is essential.

The concept of reform, which has to be debated at a board of SPD, will provide a contribution for citizens of the place of the Hartz IV; Previously, the benefit of me longer unemployment and a child protection plan is fundamental.

Anyone who paid longer to unemployment insurance should also ALG I for a longer period. Despite age, the capacity will be increased by a further three months for an assistive period of at least 20 years, six months from the age of 25 and nine months from the age of 30. To date, the maximum time for unemployment benefit for people under 50 months of age.

In addition, the SPD is seeking a benefit entitlement to qualify for a qualification, the unemployment benefit C. In basic child benefit for child protection, the child support, the education pack and partner agencies and Hartz IV payments.

In the employer's new money course, the SPD wants to introduce a work right, as well, the Hartz IV sanctions should be relaxed.

"Main State of the Welfare State"

Dreyer told Welt's newspaper Saturday that continuing education and training should be a "new fundamental piece of the welfare state". Staff may deal with the structural change required if the welfare state has given priority to continuing education. For this, the unemployment insurance must change. She rebuilt the minimum wage demand of twelve experiences. This height also introduced Scholz to the conversation.

A description of critical ideas from the former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and his director of Gabriel's party in Nahles Dreyer's guidance: "There are individual voices that are going to be involved, as long as we are to a great deal to pull together in one way." For some ideas "I do not understand there". There would be "no doubt at staff discussions". Schroeder recently confirmed Nahles's "amateur mistake" and spoke for Gabriel back to party leaders.

Gabriel welcomed his party again to strengthen its own economic potential. The SPD should not be diminished in a social area, he said to the "Augsburger Allgemeine" on Saturday. "We need to want to be more than the country's job council."


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