New Super League Competition in 2019 – 01/01/2019


It is born as a tree, although its success depends on being installed in a definite way. As the 2018/19 timetable is short for a 25-day competition but it was not enough to make a room for a long two-wheel competition, it is rising Super League Cup, only for First Division clubs. The game will be divided into the 2020 cup: one to the Libertadores and the other to South America.

With a national cup shape, make a copy for the players in England, France and Portugal; It does not replace Argentina's Copa, which is organized by the AFA.

"It's a Cup for two years. Although it works, it's possible to coincide with its competition" (Mariano Elizondo, Superliga president) .

In this first season starting on April 14, the weekend after the end of the Super League (7/4), and each team's output will depend on their final posts. Because its first six of its & # 39; board is suitable for the second round. And the other ten who are going to play that higher will come out of the other 20 clubs. Hand in hand, 7th against 26th, 8th on the 25th, 9th vs. 24th, and so … Yes, The four convicted to National B will also participate.

What would it cross over today? Main series of Super League Cup, with the posts in the table by the end of 2018.

They go back and forth, at least a & # 39; Give each team two games before the end of the season. The person who finishes highest in the Super League of the area in the next morning. The ten winners will be added to the eighth. As the key is set in advance, the crosses can be dated by date. The eighth, fourth, and unit also have a round trip, with the same criteria for explaining places. Instead, The final is a special game, on neutral ground, on the last Sunday, May 26, before the American Cup (which starts 14/6).

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In addition, many of them have access to an international competition in a few games (six or eight). Because of that The prize for the finalists – as well as the same economy – will be a ticket for the 2020 cups of the year. The complainant, the Libertadores and their losers, to South America. A new year, a new cup.

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As internationally, clubs must submit a list of 30 players. Because individual duels are just valued, ways to break a connection: it would be penalized (first level), a visitor and penalty (8 and 4) visit, and expanded and sentenced; punitive (linear and final). At the same time, the security agencies and club differences depend on visitors to visit.


As one continues to the island, Super League Cup winner will end up Super League Super League. The Recopa can be played outdoors. Will he be in Qatar?

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