New tobacco tax helps to & # 39; suffering smokers


It is encouraging that the tax 100% of taxes introduced on tobacco outputs from 1 January this year in Qatar has led to a significant increase in the number of people who eliminate smoking, how a senior officer of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) appeared last week.
As Dr. Ahmad al-Mulla, head of HMC's Tobacco Control Center, said the new tax has had a lot of people to reconsider about smoking. Although there is still no specific data, the number of data received through the web line is for a & # 39; abolished, has grown considerably. While it's & # 39; Talk to doctors, people have shown that it is because of the price route, especially those who smoke more than one pack per day, explained the young people and staff with Low income, Dr al-Mulla.
The Tobacco Control Center recorded 4,000 visits in 2018 and the number of people who want to stop after sensory initiatives. Among them, 30 to 35% leave their / her; smoking. One person will take at least three to five trips as part of the receipt program. If they stop a & # 39; smoking for six months, it is considered to be abolished. Those who smoke 20 to 30 minutes per day are usually considered to be very popular. smoking. Because the prices of cigarettes have been doubled, many smoke-makers have been cut down on the number they smoke daily. Some are away from a package of 20 to three or four, and finally they hope to completely break.
According to Dr. Al-Mulla, patients who attend the clinic will be able to; One-one counseling and refurbishment or adequate remedial support. Patients also get full evaluation, & # 39; including full medical history and related evaluations, such as lung activity tests. Medicines are prescribed for most people and there are interconnections of theology to change their way of life. As Dr Jamal Basuhai, a smoker finishing expert at HMC, said while long ago; Most people who are coming to their & # 39; a cigarette smoking cigarette, some others; smoking out, and others exploring a number of tobacco products. Some also smoke electronic and sheeshats.
It is well-established that tobacco smoke is also affecting people who do not. smoking. "Two-way smoking can harm children and others. It's very dangerous. In our sensitive actions, we stress it," said Dr. Basuhai. There is also tertiary smoke that is the nicotine that resides and other chemicals are left on top of tobacco smoke. People are exposed to these chemicals by controlling pollution or respiratory lanterns while longing; s they are in those areas. The worst thing is in a continuous nicotine and other chemicals can remain a landlord for a long time, spread of bad effects. Even if there is only one person who is smoking in an office or at home, that person can have a bad impact on the health of colleagues or family members who do not; smoking. A smoker who can talk to a person who does not; Smoking gives many toxic material from the air he or she does.
On the National Sports Day tomorrow (Tuesday), the Tobacco Control Center will keep Katara aware actions about her services and how to reach the services. Experts also have one-oxygen carbon measurement and the amount of lungs of people who are infected. smoking and counseling or giving them to the Tobacco Smoking Center if necessary. But more needs to be done, especially as it is understood that a fraction of smokers have chosen the lowest priced cigarettes. The only option, as a suggestion that does not smoke, is to # 39; Increase the lowest price of tobacco products and make it impossible for most smokers to be changed.

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