New weapons stories Apex stories have ceased


Two new armies are reporting to Apex Legends, now we know what kind of storyty skin comes with them.

Accountants and players who put special piobagan on the appearance of two new armies that have not yet been added to Apex Legends, the L-STAR and the Havoc rifle.

Although the weapons are not seen at this time, Gaming INTEL has now discovered what the skin of legends are called.

The storytelling of the skin is as follows:


  • The Warrior's Way
  • Political justice
  • Apex Hyperdrive
  • Insert barley


  • Quantum Chaos
  • Sonic Empire
  • The Dragon's Head
  • The Money Storm

The Havok rifle is still secret but the Titanfall licensed supporters know about the Titanfall L-STAR 2. Indeed, Apex Legends players can also recognize the L-STAR, and think it's been obvious in the game since it was launched.

No, you can not use it, but Bloodhound has been in & # 39; hosts weapons similar to the L-STAR in the title screen since the game has been published.

Is the L-STAR visible here?

Above there is a picture of the L-STAR as it appears in Titanfall 2, compared to the weapon that Bloodhound has to do; held in the Apex Legends title screen.

Faners do not have to wait a long way to find out about the two new armies, as well as the funny skin, as Apex is scheduled to get their first update in March.

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