New wizard from United and impact in the 91th minute


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Manchester United became an incredible impact on Young Boys, with whom he committed to participate in the next phase of the European League. Marwan Feelyy is the only goal in her & # 39; game in the 91th minute.

So the English won their prestigious re-influences in competition and were directed at least a bit to go back to their fans for their permanent campaigns in the Main League.

United also dropped their negative series at Old Trafford after winning the three final home games.

In this group, the Juventus leader has 12 points, England with 10, Valencia with five, and Young Boys with one.

It should be noted that Jose Mourinho had made many changes to his starting route, with the stars Paul Pogba and Romulus Lukaku living in the reserve.

United started the game and stressed the guests in front of their penalty. In a fifteenth minute, Luke Shaw justified Marcus Rashford in a clear position, but he did not succeed in doing so; score after crossing the door.

Shortly after, Fred failed to score after he was shot away. The Englishmen continued to attack but made out of Marcus Rashford.

In the 20 minutes, Marwan Feleini was released quickly, but again he did not hit. Half a time later, Jesse Linggard was not allowed. These were the strong points for United, but the guests did not succeed.

So, mostly Swiss citizens were responsible for protection and were almost unable to look at the door that was on the door. in opposition.

In the 36th minute it came to her; First place for the guests, but Jean Pierre Names lost. There was also an opportunity for Miralem Sulejmani, who was killed. Half finished with Fred's new chance, but went out again.

The second part began again with United States, but the most amazing thing the guests could score. In the 55th minute, a girl Kevin Mbubu passed over the seam.

Little, the English took the campaign, but made a new failure through Rashford and Feeley. That's what Jose Mourinho did last to play Pugba and Lukaku, who even gave British even more to her; the summit.

However, the Swiss could punish the UK invasion game, but for the benefit, David de Hea made a great deal of health.

At the end, United shot on and won another prestigious victory. Lukaku Feelyy, who won his 1-1 technology win, won the 91th minute of the game.


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