New Year of Sport Jimena Barón and Mauro Caiazza: "Chin Chin 2019"


His actress and her lover won how to tell her; New Year's Momo company and their love.

Jimena Barón and Mauro Caiazza, fun in New Year

They finished a brilliant year and Jimena Baron next to Mauro Caiazza They wanted to start 2019 the same way. The two were celebrating the Year & New together and through Instagram let them watch their fans how they had fun on the first day of the year.

"Chin chin 2019", wrote the actress Instagram with several photographs of the night that happened next time Morrison and your love. "Good today today. I love you", the dancer marked by his social network, showing what he is in love.

What's in a & # 39; your new year? A couple had a good time to; playing poems to the singer's son and later they went to the films. "The child," she wrote, spoke to a video of Mauro; guide her hand Momo long as it is & # 39; climbing on escalator.

Very happy! Look at the pictures of it Jimena Baron and Mauro Caiazza in Year & # 39; New.

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