New Year's Eve is a heartbreak, & # 39; lose hundreds of millions


Cars were moved to distribute goods

Ms Dang Hoang Lan in the urban area of ​​Van Phu, Ha Dong (Hanoi), ordered the Honda CR-V version of 6/2018, however, many times the proxy was & Procurement without delivery. In November 2018, the salesman suggested that she would raise a set of 70 million VND sites for getting a car before it starts. She asked him.

At the beginning of April 1/2019, she also did not see any information from the agent, and He asked the seller to reply that she had to wait until February, ie after the Year; New, cars were delivered. With the smallest number of cars that the customers are waiting for, those who are waiting for them are. accepting the purchase of the new device to get priority.

New Year's Cars Hope: The Year's Eve & # 39; New to heart break, & # 39; lose hundreds of millions - 1

Many cars were introduced in two months ago very scarce of large work (artwork)

However, on January 25, the seller asked her to the retailer who got her car, The price is announced as 1,093 billion dollars, it does not have to buy the interest of the machine. Half, of course, believes that she had to ask a few or two and was confirmed by the retailer, she thought it was true.

As Ms. Dung, Mr Le Phong Thanh lived in Viet Tri (Phu Tho), saying he had to travel to the northeast mountains regularly, so he chose to buy Toyota Fortuner by two bridges and an oil machine. But in the last 3 months he could not pay her. The purchase of its right price said that all traders stopped it and said there was no car there, Accepting 140 million VND plus for the purchase of the machine, cars are before the Lunar New Year. Because the difference is too high, it does not accept it.

But on the morning of January 23, a seller of a Toyota's dealer called to ask if he wanted to sell her. get a car away. The sale price is equal to the price listed for VND 1,354 billion. Vehicles were not delivered immediately in the day, and they did not need to buy the connected tools. Mr Thanh was astonished. After a few days later, the employee told me, if he agreed to buy it, he would go to it. Supported with travel expenses to make procedures to get the car.

Closer to Tet, the increased demand for cars will be reduced. Some Honda car retailers from 15 January 2019 said that the price of CR-V cars sold was only VND10 million compared to VND50-70 million half a month ago. If it started first on 1/2019, buyers bought and bought cars, and then almost all. At this point, everyone will turn to & # 39; worrying about preparing for Tet, and customers who have really needs needs to buy a car, so the demand is huge.

At the same time, cars that are locally collected and cars will be introduced into sales as expected. He can not sell, his car must come after Tet. However, after Tet, the demand for cars is often very low. So, this time the agent is trying to & # 39; installing its & # 39; s, and Buying a better price is better after Tet has reduced its price and an additional cost for preservation.

So, many people are tired of buying cars, especially with the vehicles that love Honda CR-V, Toyota Fortuner, Rush, … now they have the opportunity to buy to buy before making extra money There is a price difference at any bottom. Even, many modules set tens of millions of dollars.

New Year's car driver: The Year's Eve & # 39; New to heart break, & # 39; lose hundreds of millions - 2

After New Year's time when the request comes promptly, the supply will be higher than the demand and car prices will be charged; fall.


However, there are still people who need to take them with a set of digits; Tools previously signed with huge investment.

Mr Nguyen Que Phuong said in Phu Ninh, Phu Tho without ordering Honda CR-V since September 2018. According to the agent's rules, only a minimum investment of VND is 20 million, but the -Business wants to add more about 50 million VND to show "goodwill" to buy a car, so it will be considered to be delivered early. Nowadays, the agent requested the delivery of his car, and he still needed to buy the equipment for 50 million dong, if not, he would give the reserve contract.

Previously, some of the customers who bought cars, according to "leann with peanuts", have many of the psychologists that are now unfair. Mr Tran The Hoan, from Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay (Hanoi) said that he bought Fortuner self-fast two-fast, at the beginning of January 2019, the car sold at the right price but, he would have to spend 100 million dong for buying seats of material and export. freight. The range of resources purchased outside is just about 30 million VND.

"When I drove a car for a car to sell a car, the number of passengers waiting for the line was very tough, there would have been no reduction in mail. No one expected to move and change in more than 2 weeks. If you buy a car now, you will not lose any device, "he laughed.

According to data from the Vietnam Car Compressors Association, in 2018, Honda CR-V sold up to 9,000 units, while Toyota Fortuner reached over 6,000 units. On average, all VND users must pay 40 million more, the vendors have a VND 600 billion pocket.

Businesses said that cars that are introduced into water are massive and stable. It is estimated that around 10,000 cars are included each month in 2019, mentions more than 14,000 local cars collected to market. So after New Year's time when the request comes promptly, the supply will be higher than the demand and car prices will be charged; fall.

Representatives from Toyota and Ford Vietnam said that many cars like Everset, Fotuner, Rush, … were plentiful and met the needs of customers. From 2/2019, buyers do not need to wait again, cars will be delivered within a month. For retailers, if cars are still made in 2018, the more you need to consider, the minimum you miss.

According to a number of device vendors, from the beginning of 4/2018, many home and collective car transportation were slowly transported, expanded as much as long as cars had gone; including many. More than the third quarter in early 2018, what models are selling well, then in the & # 39; Fourth quarter many of the modules needed to be broken. Sellers do not collect money to buy a car, and commission cutting for customers. At this time, there are cars that need to be sold at a loss.

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