New Year's party will be ending with events and interventions Carabineros – National


© Picture: Twitter / Elyandrea The New Year Party will be finalized with Carabineros events and interventions

At about four in the morning, the attendants of the "one-year-old" event on social networking videos of people who were drinking alcohol from the open bar that the party gave. Tvn


Party attendants "Another year" put this up December 31 at the Movistar Arena, in the middle of Santiago, they recorded events and interventions Customs officers in the proportion in the early hours of this January 1

Depending on what the host attendees reported on videos in their accounts Twitter at about 4 a.m., a group of people were robbed part of the alcohol that a group was ready for its & # 39; an open bar that was part of the event, which also reported that the lines for alcohol were more than 40 minutes.

Some of the users talk about theft as it did "a mob" and in many videos you can see how Several people have bottlenecks and even boxes from the place of materials and then get rid of them.

Also, shortly after the robbers The cars came to their cars.

Attendants of the event, which disturbed the situation, shared images and videos of the event; used hashtag # unñomas (party name) and #devuelvanlaplata, Wanting to return the money from their tickets, which cost $ 28,000.

Picture: Twitter / Elyandrea


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