New York aims to be a reference to cryptocurrencies analysis Economy


State New York (TheSA) aims to be one of the key sources in the world in the study cryptocurrencies with two campaigns, one state and one town, dedicated to its analysis, management and improvement in its business changes.

Thus, the State of 2019 began to launch a special working group to "inform Government and State Congress of the effects of a wide range of cryptocurrencies and other types of money digital and related systems. "

At the same time, the New York city's agreement is to create a "Blockchain Center", a public-private financing center that "will play an important role as an access to the ecosystem system growing "the block chains", by introducing entrepreneurs and other innovators of specialist fields, business support and guidance ", and detailing it; This group is on its website.

Both and the other two will try to investigate how New York can be a sign for its & electronic money market, a consumer protection environment, and also how technology can be used to create jobs and create new businesses and business opportunities.

The two measurements rise after a difficult year for cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin's digital money, which lasted over 80% of its value last year, dating from almost US $ 20,000 per Bitcoin by the end of 2017 to those currently $ 3,600 per unit.

This bank does not have a single bank or administrator and is based on "blockchain" or "a series of blocks" technology, which works as a public and accountable security statement. means that the information is shared among all its users and that it is difficult to justify it.

"Why do not know how to get a heart attack up to the end of 2017, or why owners lost interest as soon as possible," explains the economist David Yermack, who is a & # 39; teaches about cryptoactives at the Stern Business School, which belongs to the University of New York

To ask her & # 39; EFE group about the inconsistencies that those mountains are shown and if there is an essential or no regulation, Yermack does not avoid responding. "The resources are very dangerous and I would not simply invest in a very careful way," ditch.

Despite the start-up of the dangerous financial accounts, companies and individuals, this week JPMorgan Chase, a largest banking agency in the United States, Starting its own endeavors in the test level for business and business transactions, JPM Coin, through "blockchain".

This is the first digital money supported by a bank, which allows you to access your network, and with at least 1: 1 to US dollars.

However, having learned about the implementation of this pilot program, some experts have been criticized, because we can not be properly integrated as technology in terms of limited accessibility and private.

"I say that, in general, that these cryptoactives are here to live and change their market, however, you can think that fashion or no ghost has passed, and we will not see Such precious changes, "the director tells EFE. want Spain and Latin American from eToro-specialized specialized in digital currency investments-, Tali Salomon.

For Salomon, he does not believe he was due to "bubble" to rise rapidly and the subsequent fall of the bitcoin; "It's not very bad to be the source source" when it comes to "blockchain" endurance or technology, although that means "#; meeting more problems, since there is a natural time for society to come forward, "he says.

Although New York is developing these centers to improve the adoption of this technology, some US states like Ohio or countries such as Malta have already made a big deal when they Using these resources are everyday business.

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