New York State has sent BitLicense to Tagomi, a tummy broker


The New York State Financial Services Authority (NYDFS) issued further directions to Tagomi, a cluster broker, allowing the company to work in its jurisdiction.

Tagomi works on the “group-only” model, providing counseling services to clients in carrying out their trading or investment strategies. The company also looks at the best contracts for their clients and among orders from other browsers.

The company began work in December 2018, providing services to investors in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital funds. These include the implementation of inter-market orders, capital regulation, post-commercial reporting services, settlement and defense services.

The press release confirms that in general NYDFS permitted 18 applications.

Earlier, the similar permission was obtained from Robinhood's cryptocurrency trade operator.

Recall Tagomi was attracting investment from venture capital companies Pantera Capital, Paradigm and billionaire Peter Thiel.

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