New Zealanders recommend Schmidt to " Bring out all black black


New Zealanders have been very quick to find a way to do & # 39; celebrates the success of the Irish historical test in Dublin, which shows that Kiwi was largely regarded as the loss of All Blacks.

In a country where 20 per cent of the population say we are going to do it; Invasion of Ireland, some of them heard the benefit of New Zealand still.

The 16-9 victory is the third time in the last three finals to win Ireland, The first one on land is home.

It's also a & # 39; the first time in 20 years that All Blacks have been held without use and keeping single-sized figures in the same game.

But that was parked to one side because New Zealand's media shows journalism as a "play" of Irish immigrants; paying off "and" Schmidt a Kiwi at the heart ", describing a coach from Ireland, Joe Schmidt.

All Blacks Steve Steveen coach gave his recommendation, saying "better campaigners" were influencing the ones that ruled his world and Ireland Schmidt was deserving of helping World Cup in Japan next year.

Even before the exam, Richie McCaw, the World Cup winner, All Blacks, now in his position; An old age went on to put Schmidt forward as the next New Zealand coach after the next World Cup.

And after winning a prize over the world-wide campaigns, rule, Schmidt stock rises even higher.

"Another example of Schmidt's creativity was a moving motion, which created the same try … for example," Liam Napier was involved in the Herald New Zealand.

The same was the same as the All Blacks played; used for a bid for Beauden Barrett against Australia in recent weeks.

With the crew number in the world that hit the number, Napier's name made the best green men in the world.

"Surely that's now true about 2018. A banner is six countries, and now have their first home impact on the All Blacks in history … they are worthy of that wheel.

"All Blacks have a Number 1 wheel held for nine years, and still continue to do it despite the second loss on its & # 39; year. But this is the best thing against the best.

Richard Knowler, writing for Fairfax Media, called Ireland "the unofficial kings" of world rugby.

He said "it would be very dangerous to face against … the high-level rugby power of the northern hemisphere now deserves to be considered the best team on its & # 39; planet ".

On the On Stuff website, the rugby writer, Mark Hinton, undoubtedly Schmidt should have the next All Blacks coach because "Ireland's amazing rugby team is now the best side of the planet" .

Hinton praised the "beautiful Kiwi coach still to" put out "outside not only inspired, but equipped with the skill, control and game plan for the best team. ; have ever been in the world on their bums. "

Jamie's wall at Radio New Zealand said that the "post-match" conversation about Joe Schmidt – the person who was thinking about All Blacks. "

After he has won the second prize over the campaigns that will go on to the next. The king's reign, Joe Schmidt's coach stock of Ireland has risen even higher

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