Newcastle gives the third impact on the success of Burnley – Football Scotland – England


Newcastle Newcastle won the third consecutive benefit in the Premier League. In the 13th round of the duel, "Swords" beat 2: 1 Burnley on Thorpe Moore.

Raphael Benitez's first goal fell for the 4-minute team after he had been able to go. managed in Ben Mee after the painting by Kean Clark. The second one buys the second goal in the 23nd minute. For the guests, Sam Vauks was right.

The meeting started half an hour later. The reason why Judge Observer Eddie Woodshoum was wounded rapidly before the two voting divisions were distributed in the tunnel. So, after receiving medical help, he was taken to hospital, and his first referee was successful at 22:30 at 22:00.

On the other hand, the battle itself was attractive in many situations in front of the two dors. The two game matches were shown correctly, its first yellow card was shown in the & # 39; Fourth minute of extra time to game. Matt Richie got it.

Newcastle built Burnley in the 13th round of the Premier League. After making a corner on the right of the attack, the ball was played and came to Cairn Clark, who was ahead of the door in front of the penguin's arc. He shot a picture with his right foot, got a revival in Ben Mie and the ball went into the home network for 1: 0.

The leadership of Castle Castle rose to 2-0 in the 23nd minute. The goal was the same way as the first one – after breaking the corner, full on the right to Burnley. The guests were short, and they continued to play; emphasizes Richie 's marriage box, and Keiran Clark kept her at # 39; hit the net.

The fight in the game was returned in & # 39; 40 minutes. Sam Vouks started climbing from a difficult place, after Dubravka visited a visitor for 1: 2.

After breaking the guests came to a very clean situation in the 50th minute. Matt Ritchie made a big break in the pipes and his / her; dangerous burning, but the ball went over to the left cart.

Burnley responded in the 68th minute that Chris Wood controlled control of a bouncing ball in the box, positioned and killed, but the password was appear.

The "Sharks" had a good chance to solve their & # 39; game in the 79 minutes. Hoselo left a very clean place on the left and made a huge view of land, but the member looked to her; left.

In summary summary; left to the border, both teams did not stop attacking, but no new effects came.

With this development New Castle gave 12 points in the 13th place. Burnley is 17th with 9th.

In the 14th round, the "swarms" will take West Ham, and Burnley's holding Crystal Palace.

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