Newer images from NASA confirm the Ultima Thule flat form


The New Horizons mission at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has confirmed that the ultimate shape of the ever-ever invention, which is the Kuiper Belt case, called "Ultima Thule", flat Spherical space, according to the latest images, the spacecraft was sent to Earth.

New Horizons made the longest while and was there; arriving at Ultima Thule at 2,200 miles (about 3,540 km) from the distance of a distance of 31,500 miles (about 50,694 km) per hour on January 1.

The latest images were taken up to 10 minutes after Horizons New went over to the nearest workplace, which was the last ideas taken by Ultima Thule, NASA's statement on Friday.

Before that, scientists called the "snowman" Ultima Thule, as his & her; The first image in the front of the two separate sections is sparse. However, an analysis of the manipulation imagery and the new product images on that vision have changed.

By connecting 14 of the latest images in a short game movie, New Horizons scientists have not shown that the two sections, or "lobes", of Ultima Thule are spherical.

The largest lobe, the last name "Ultima", looks more like a big pancake, and the smaller lobe, called "Thule", has a set of dental nuts, according to the mission team .

"Ultima Thule's idea was based on the small number of images returned in the surrounding days, but more information has changed significantly to our vision," said Alan Stern, the leading researcher in purpose.

"It would be closer to saying that Ultima Thule's shape is more comfortable, such as pancake, but, more importantly, the new images create scientific puzzles on how something of the This species has been created. I've seen something like this to sink on the sun, "he said.

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